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Simon Cowell Buzzes Johnny Showcase For Having Worst Song Ever Heard in Live Shows

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Simon Cowell is trying to reclaim his crown as the meanest America’s Got Talent judge. During Tuesday nights live shows, Cowell was being unusually critical on the first few acts that performed. It ultimately led up to him absolutely ripping into Johnny Showcase after giving the act his red buzzer.

Simon Cowell Rips ‘AGT’ Acts Apart Before Giving Out First Red Buzzer of the Night

T.3 opened the show with an interesting rendition of Olivia Rodrigo’s “good 4 u.” Cowell commented that the group “blew it” with their song choice and the loud music behind them. Heidi Klum also agreed with this sentiment. They preferred the groups scaled back audition that just showcased their voices.

Dokteuk Crew was the second AGT act that Cowell unleashed his wrath on. He was not a fan of the production behind the performance and all of the props in the background. It definitely wasn’t as exciting as their audition. Cowell even said he felt like the group got lost in the performance.

“You were so amazing on that first audition but we lost you tonight I don’t know what happened,” Cowell said.

Cowell and Howie Mandel both hit their red buzzers at the same time when it came time for Johnny Showcase’s performance. The group sang a song about an octopus and had lots of colorful production behind the performance. The song wasn’t as catchy as the one they performed in their AGT audition but Cowell was ready to tell them that the hard way.


“It was horrific, absolutely horrific,” he said. “It was so good the first time. This song about octopus was horrible. I mean the worst song I have ever heard on a live show.”

Mandel and Sofia Vergara also agreed with Cowell on this one. Klum actually enjoyed the performance a lot. His harsh critiques didn’t stop there. He said that Shuffolution‘s performance left him “really disappointed.” The shuffling did get repetitive after a while and one of the group members fell during the performance.

Things took a bit of a turn when Cowell went as far to say that the dancer falling was the most exciting part of Shuffolution’s performance. Even the other judges felt like the comment went too far. We’re not sure what is going on with the underwhelming AGT performances tonight. Someone really needs to step up and impress Cowell…and fast!

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