Talent Theft? ‘Arab’s Got Talent’ Rip-Off Of ‘America’s Got Talent’ Comedy Act

America's Got Talent and Arab's Got TalentMriganka Chawla | Talent Recap

Remember the mentalist from Israel on America’s Got talent? Yes him, the one and only Lioz Shem Tov. Well, he’s complaining about a recent act on Arab’s Got Talent.

Lioz Shem Tov has performed on many Isreali TV shows and is notable for American shows like America’s Got Talent and stand up comedy for kids on Nickelodeon channel. He is currently competing on Australia Got Talent.

Israeli mentalist stole our heart on AGT season 13.

His audition clip on AGT went viral overnight. Some people went as far as to call it the funniest audition in the show’s entire 13 seasons. Yeah that is pretty damn impressive, have a look for yourself

Side-by-Side: America’s Got Talent vs. Arab’s Got Talent

One day ago Tov shared an Instagram post that has not sat well with us. In the post, Tov’s famous 2018 act was blatantly copied by hosts Qusai and Raya, which was a prank on the show itself but where is the line between fair use and blatantly copying?

This has clearly upset him and Tov is not the only one, his fans too are upset and ready to battle because of this blatant copying, Here is the copied video that aired on Arab’s Got Talent

Arab’s Got Talent comedy magic act

What do you think? Was it fair use? Do you think you can rip off an act just because it is a prank?

Have you seen Arab’s Got Talent winner that is taking America’s Got Talent by storm this season?

Read about Emanne Beasha here!


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