‘America’s Got Talent’ Comedian Apologizes After Prank Gone Wrong


America’s Got Talent’s fan-favorite comedian Preacher Lawson has had a whirlwind of a week. He first posted a prank with model Nami Madyun on Valentine’s Day that has lead to heavy criticism from fans, even death threats. Now, Preacher is apologizing to those who thought the prank was serious and commented on the response from his fans.

Preacher Lawson Faces Backlash After Engagement Prank

Preacher’s fake engagement was documented in a series of photos on Instagram. “SHE SAID YES!!!” he captioned the photos. “I couldn’t ask for a better valentines gift other than to spend the rest of my life with you baby.” The couple even shared a kiss in one of the photos. This post was met with a lot of supportive comments while others were completely questioning how real the relationship was since Preacher never even mentioned that he had a girlfriend.

He then posted a video featuring some of the comments from fans who seriously did not know if he was engaged or not. But, everything just got out of hand. “I’m so mad that I believed you,” wrote one person in the comments section. “So rude! Lol! I totally fell for it” another person wrote.


This prompted Preacher to post a video apologizing to fans. “Hey everybody I just want to say thank you for congratulating me on this engagement that doesn’t exist,” he said. “It’s not real, I’m not getting engaged. A lot of you know that and you’re just trolling me because I trolled you first.”

Preacher Apologized For Pranking Fans In A Video

Preacher explained that it was all just a prank and he still has people calling him and texting him to congratulate him. He just thought it would be a funny prank to post on Valentine’s Day. Preacher found Nami, his fake fiancé on Instagram and she was down to fake an engagement.

“I didn’t even post the video because it got too crazy,” Preacher said about his engagement photoshoot. “Too many people were hitting me up, I was getting death threats. My exes were hitting me up and I was like alright let’s calm this down.” Preacher did not expect this kind of reaction from his 387,000 Instagram followers. He thought half of his fans would believe him and the other half would think that he is playing a prank.

“I just want to say it’s a prank, I’m sorry I guess I went too far,” he said in the video. We can all forgive Preacher for this prank because he is seriously one of the greatest comedians to ever appear on America’s Got Talent. Check out a compilation of all of his performances down below.


But there is some good news for anyone out there that is interested in this hilarious comedian; he’s single! Preacher encouraged fans to call him if they ever want to talk or are interested in dating him. Plus, he has sworn off pulling any pranks on his fans for the rest of the year.


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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