‘American Idol’: Which Singer Did America Vote Into The Top 20? [VIDEO]

Jill O'Rourke
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American Idol Season 18 continued on Sunday night with the second half of the “This Is Me” Top 20 special, featuring unseen moments and performances. This week, the show also revealed which of the final two singers was voted by America to be in the Top 20 — Grace Leer or Lauren Mascitti.

Ryan Seacrest also announced during the show that this season’s live shows will go forward despite the coronavirus pandemic. The singers and judges will be appearing from 25 different locations, in what Ryan called “television history”

‘American Idol’ Top 20 Unseen Moments & Results

Francisco Martin

Francisco started the season off dealing with extreme nerves, but he’s since gained confidence. In an unseen moment from his audition, Francisco performed “Use Somebody” by Kings of Leon. The judges predicted he could make it into the Top 10 or maybe even the Top 5.


Kimmy Gabriela

This teen singer was inspired by her father to pursue music, and her dad even gave her advice about performing during Hollywood Week. The judges told Kimmy she has “one of the best voices” this season.

DeWayne Crocker Jr.

This singer brought his Lionel Richie superfan great-grandma to his audition with him. He also brought his family with him to watch him perform at the Hawaii showcase, where he sang “Old Town Road.”

Faith Becnel

This singer has been in a cover band since she was 10 years old, performing with a group of boys. In an unseen performance from Hollywood Week, Faith performed “Location” by Khalid. “I just love her so much,” Katy said about her. Meanwhile, Faith’s father shared how proud he is of her.

Dillon James

This musician started playing guitar as a kid, and he amazed his parents when he first sang for them. In an unseen performance from his audition, Dillon sang an original song called “Gunsmoke.”


Aliana Jester

This singer reconnected with her father after struggling with depression and self-harm. She brought her service dog to her audition, where she sang “Higher Love” in an unseen performance, prompting Lionel Richie to compare her to Whitney Houston. During Hollywood Week, she took on a cover of Kelly Clarkson.

Louis Knight

This singer’s parents gushed about his songwriting abilities. In an unseen performance from his audition, he sang “3:15” by Bazzi. In Hawaii, the judges encouraged him to have more confidence in himself, because they want him to succeed.

Jovin Webb

This singer spoke about feeling “empty” after losing his mother, and called his son his “savior.” Jovin’s sister expressed how proud she is of him, while the judges said he has “a lot of signature artist qualities” as they sent him through to the American Idol Top 20 this season.

Cyniah Elise

This singer has been performing since she was 2 years old, and dreaming about being on American Idol for years. Cyniah was grateful to have her mom with her during Hollywood Week. She even gave Cyniah a foot massage backstage! She added that her mom wanted to be a singer, and is living vicariously through Cyniah’s journey.

Grace Leer vs. Lauren Mascitti

As the judges pointed out, these singers have a lot in common, including their ages and their country roots. They left it up to America to vote on which of the women would make it into the American Idol Top 20.

Tonight, Ryan broke the news to the singers via video chat. The contestant who was voted through to the Top 20 was … Grace Leer! Lauren congratulated her fellow contestant, who said she would “make country proud.” We can’t wait to see Grace perform in the live shows.

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