Video Of Nurse On The Frontline Of COVID-19 Being Told To “Go To China” Has Twitter Speaking Out

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Twitter is in flames over this viral video that has a woman in a car with a “LAND of FREE” sign asking a nurse on the front lines of the pandemic to “Go To China.” COVID-19 has brought hate crimes, xenophobia, and racism to the surface towards Asian Americans and the disturbing video is testimony to that but Twitter is not having it.

Mari Manoogian on Twitter wrote, “this video of a nurse who is on the frontlines of this pandemic being told to “go to China” has gotta be the most insane thing I’ve seen on Twitter dot com in the 11 years I’ve been on this platform. And I used to report ISIS accounts for a living.”

Twitter Reacts To “Go To China” Fiasco

Another user wrote, “it’s disgusting that protesters in Colorado told 2 nurses who were counter-protesting them to “go to China.” Let’s see if they still feel that way when they are in need of ventilators and the only people who can administer one to them are these heroic nurses.”

Another user wrote, “imagine screaming “go to China if you want communism” at a doctor whose calling was to attend to the sick& help save lives, while holding a sign that says “land of the free” with no sense of irony. These #COVIDIOTS belong to a capitalist-hungry death cult.”


Asian Americans aren’t surprised at this lady’s reaction, one Twitter user put things in context, “seeing twitter surprised over the “Go to China” video makes me feel damned tired, Asian-Americans have been talking about anti-Asian racism for weeks and we got nothing but “CHINeSE ViRuS” and “lol stop eating bats” in response and now ppl are surprised this happened? I’m tired.”


Mriganka Chawla
Mriganka Chawla

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