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‘Alter Ego’ Judge Grimes’ Surgery Photo Sparks Elf Ear Rumors

GrimesGreg Gayne/FOX

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Singer, Songwriter, and Alter Ego judge Grimes share a photo of her bandaged face after getting surgery. The 34-year-old got the surgery after previously expressing her desire to get elf ears. Fans speculate that she went through with getting the modifiers after sharing the photo on Twitter.

Did Grimes Undergo Elf Ears Cosmetic Procedure?

Grimes recently published a photo of her with bandages covering her head to Twitter and it sparked a conversation about the procedure she got done. If you’ve seen Grimes’s music videos, you know that this singer loves to dress up as an elf, when given the chance.

Rumors swirled quickly following her post. Fans believe that Grimes went to have her mythical dreams come true and underwent the surgery for her coveted elf ears. At this time, the singer has not confirmed nor denied the rumor, but she did confirm that she had plastic surgery.

In a recent Twitter post, Grimes explained that she has a new album on the way, stating “my friend and I perfected the last song in the plastic surgery clinic cuz they wouldn’t let me leave.”

In August, Grimes broached the topic of body modifications and sought feedback from her Twitter followers. She inquired about people in Austin, Texas, or Los Angeles that could install vampire teeth caps. All of the effort she puts into modifying her body is part of her continuing effort to become “post-human.”

Grimes Completes New Album While in Recovery

The post-operation photo was followed by an update tweet about her long-teased album Book 1. She allegedly finished the album while still recovering from her operation in the plastic surgery clinic.

Though she did not specify what the preceding surgery entailed, she did reveal the title of a new song. The song is called “The Infinite Assassin,” and will be featured in her new album along with 19 other songs.

Having to finish a studio album while in recovery is an accomplishment worthy of praise. Grimes, however, laughed it off with her friend, saying it was “the most Hollywood moment of all time.” Currently, the album is now in the mixing phase as the Canadian singer manages checking the mixes with motherhood duties.

Will Alter Ego Have a Second Season?

Grimes was previously a judge on the music competition show Alter Ego. The show features contestants singing backstage while motion capture technology projects an avatar on stage that mimics the contestant’s every move.

Despite the show’s successful debut, it’s rating soon dropped prompting Fox to shelve the series indefinitely after the first season. With Grimes and the other judges occupied with their careers in the industry, it’s highly unlikely for a second season as of the moment.

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