All the Times Kelly Clarkson’s Over the Top Laugh Made Us Laugh

Catherine DiMeglio
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It’s no surprise that Kelly Clarkson has an infectious personality. Since her days as the original American Idol, she has put smiles on the faces of fans through her music, talk show, and role as coach on The Voice. Trust me, once a Kelly Clarkson laugh-attack begins, you can’t help but join in. Here are the greatest moments Clarkson’s over the top laugh made us laugh. Let’s see if you can keep from laughing.

1. Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Happy Birthday’ Fail

Last year, Clarkson burst into a full on laugh-attack after failing to remember a contestant’s name on The Voice. On the eve of his birthday CammWess performed a rendition of The Weeknd’s “Earned It.” Before choosing between Clarkson and Nick Jonas to be his coach for the season, the whole panel decided to sing him Happy Birthday. Things took a comical turn after the “Since U Been Gone” singer drew a blank when it came time to sing his name. Let’s just say it took her awhile to recover from that one.

2. Clarkson Laugh-Cried After Hearing Fortune Feimster’s Coming Out Story

Last year, hilarious comedian Fortune Feimster was a guest on The Kelly Clarkson Show. In her interview with Clarkson, she told her unusual story of coming out to her parents, which brought the host to tears of laughter. Feimster sure took Clarkson on a journey as she shared stories about her early days as a debutante growing up in the South.

The subject of the restaurant chain, Hooters, also came up quite a bit in conversation. Several discussions surrounding the topic ultimately led the host to fall off her chair in a hilarious fit. I’m sure we were all rolling on the floor in our own homes as well.

3. Clarkson and Kevin Hart Can’t Stop Laughing During Wine Tasting

In a holiday-themed episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show, the host and comedian Kevin Hart participated in a basic wine tasting. Led by Master sommelier Ian Cauble, the lesson turned into a full on comedy show. The reactions between Hart and Clarkson alone had the audience over the edge. Even if she wasn’t drinking all that wine, I’m sure her laughter would remain just as bold as she is.

4. Clarkson Tries “Do Not Laugh Challenge”

In a digital segment of her talk show, Clarkson participated in the “Do Not Laugh Challenge” while watching a series of funny TikTok videos. Before viewing each video, Clarkson took a sip of iced tea, trying not to spit it out in a fit of laughter. While it’s safe to say no literal tea was spilled, the Grammy winner definitely let out her signature chuckle after watching not one, but all the videos. It’s definitely a segment that had me laughing with her as well.

5. Josh Gad’s Parenting Technique Makes Clarkson Laugh Out Loud

In 2019, actor Josh Gad made Clarkson laugh out loud on her own show as he shared his super effective parenting technique, the “Toe Tap.” In this portion of the interview, Gad describes this as the best way to soothe crying, unruly, and at times violent kids. The accompanying video footage makes the scene all the more hilarious, and Clarkson’s signature laugh tops it all off.

Catch Clarkson on her daily talk show or Mondays and Tuesdays on The Voice for even more hilarious moments that will have you rolling on the floor.

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