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Nick Cannon Sends Kevin Hart a Llama in Birthday Prank

Nick Cannon and Kevin HartInstagram/ Steve Granitz, GettyImages

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Nick Cannon sure is developing a new sense of dad jokes the more kids he has. In celebration of his seventh child, Cannon thought it would be funny to send his pal, Kevin Hart, one “kid” as a birthday prank. This “kid” however, was a llama the size of Hart himself. The hilarious practical joke has gone viral and Hart’s reaction was priceless.

What better way for a grown man to ring in his 42nd birthday then with a llama? On July 6, the “Laugh at my Pain” comedian was given a warm welcome by the big birthday surprise. The living, breathing, creature was sent to Hart’s home for a few hours by the Masked Singer Host.

With all the joy surrounding his growing family, I guess he just wanted to spread a little love to his dear friend. Good one Cannon, I’ll give you that.

Cannon’s Prank Takes Over Social Media

The social media response to the prank is almost funnier than the gift itself.

“I love you man!!! I’m having all these new kids I figured you should have a new kid too!!” Cannon wrote on Instagram to announce the surprise. “Welcome Lucky The Llama to the family!! #SaveTheDrama4YourLlama.”

In the viral videos, animal handlers wearing “Happy Birthday Kevin” t-shirts roll up to his property along with the birthday surprise. They also read aloud a personalized note from Cannon before Hart attempted to see if the llama could do any tricks.

Will Hart Clap Back?

Hart was a good sport about the whole gag, and jokingly clapped back at Cannon:

“the most childish sh*t I’ve ever seen in my life. You have no idea what you’re in store for. I’m going to send a f*cking orangutan to you. Just wait,” he warned.

Cannon seems to be in high spirits despite the backlash he has received surrounding his recent family planning methods. Cannon has had four kids this year, bringing his grand total up to seven biological children with four women. Nonetheless, Cannon defended his actions by stating that these births were “no accident.”

Regardless of the drama, Cannon’s exotic animal gift seemed to have turned any negative attention away from him for the time being. I cannot wait to see how Kevin Hart gets him back for this one. Maybe he will come through with that orangutan idea.

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