Simon Cowell Quits ‘X Factor’ Israel for ‘a Number of Reasons’

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Simon Cowell will apparently not appear on The X Factor Israel after all. Cowell was announced as a judge for the show’s fourth season back in December 2020, but has reportedly backed out.


Simon Cowell Pulls Out of ‘X Factor Israel’ for ‘A Number of Reasons’

Appearing on both the UK and US version of the show in the past decade, Cowell was set to make his first television debut in the Middle East.

Speaking exclusively to Jewish News, a source close to Cowell said: “Simon won’t be going to Israel after all. I know it has already been announced that he was one of the judges, but for a number of reasons he just can’t be there in Israel to film the show now. Of course he is bitterly disappointed – but it was a decision he had to take.”

Jewish News also reported that the source declined to comment on whether Cowell’s decision was based on the recent conflicts in Israel and Palestine.

“Over the years we have discovered incredible talents from around the world through the ‘X Factor’ format,” Cowell said before choosing to back out of the show. “I can barely wait to see what the Israelis have to offer.”

‘X Factor Israel’ to Continue Without Cowell

Despite Cowell’s decision to depart X Factor Israel ahead of filming, the show is still expected to go ahead. Just recently, the show announced two brand new judges to the upcoming season’s judging panel.

On Instagram, the show revealed that Ran Danker and Miri Mesika will join the show. Danker is an Israeli actor and singer, known for his appearance in HaShir Shelanu. Meskia is a popular Israeli singer.

The show is set to beginning filming, with the new season set to air later this year on Reshet 13.

While Cowell won’t appear on the Israeli version of The X Factor later this year, he’ll be making his usual appearance as judge on America’s Got Talent, June 1 on NBC.



Pablo Urdiales Antelo
Pablo Urdiales Antelo

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