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Meet Ray Singleton, The ‘AGT’ Singer with Golden Buzzer Potential


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Singer Ray Singleton is featured in nearly every AGT trailer ahead of the show’s big Season 16 premiere on June 1. His voice will give you goosebumps and his emotional story will have everyone shedding tears. Ray’s upcoming audition will absolutely change his life forever.

Viral Singing Sensation Ray Singleton Auditions for ‘AGT’

Ray is already a viral internet sensation heading into Season 16 of AGT. A video of Ray serenading his wife Roslyn with Daniel Caesar’s “Get You,” went viral on Instagram in 2020. Roslyn is a two-time cancer survivor and Ray wanted to show his followers just how strong and resilient she is.

The video took off with Caesar’s team even inviting the couple to Coachella, which was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Charlotte, North Carolina couple was also invited to a Carolina Panthers game so that Ray could sing the National Anthem.

The Singleton’s made an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to talk about Roslyn’s cancer journey. They even received a special message from former AGT judge Gabrielle Union’s husband Dwayne Wade. Ellen DeGeneres partnered with Honey Nut Cheerios to give them $25,000.


The Couple Have Inspired Millions of People All Over the World

After Ray’s Instagram video took off, the couple started receiving messages from people all over the world. He now has 58,000 Instagram followers and Roslyn has grown a following close to 49,000 on Instagram. Once America sees their story play out on ‘AGT’ even more people will fall in love with them.

“I get messages from moms of kids with cancer, husbands who’ve been married 15-20 years are rooting me on saying, ‘You making us look good,'” Ray said in an interview. “But the most powerful ones have been the young brothers who have been like, ‘What you’re doing, there’s not an example of you out there.’ That means a lot to me.”

He Already Has a Few Huge Celebrity Fans

Ray’s videos online have taken off so much that they caught the attention of The Voice coach John Legend. Ray was completely mind blown when Legend liked some of his posts. Legend also commented on one of Ray’s Twitter videos after followers continued to tag the music superstar to help get Ray noticed.

Rapper Missy Eliot commented on one of Ray’s singing videos on Instagram. Ray and Roslyn have also received a ton of support from actress Yvette Nicole Brown. This celebrity support ahead of AGT is awesome and just shows the level of talent Ray has.

If he does blow up even more after AGT, which we are pretty sure he will, perhaps he’ll join Legend for a performance. Better yet, if Ray makes it to the finale, we would love to see NBC make dreams come true and have Legend perform with him.

Will Ray Singleton Get the Golden Buzzer?

Ray and Roslyn have been featured in pretty much every single AGT trailer ahead of the Season 16 premiere. They both will shed tears during the audition and will share their emotional story with the judges. Based on the history of Golden Buzzers with AGT, we think Ray seriously has a shot of earning one.

He will obviously make it past the auditions and will most likely make it to the live shows. It’s only a matter of figuring out if he will go straight to the live shows with a Golden Buzzer or get four yes’s from the judges to make it into Judge Cuts. If you take one listen to a video of his and hear him sing, you will understand how much his voice and his infectious personality will win over the hearts of America.

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