‘AGT’ Recap: New Acts Wow the Judges, But No Golden Buzzer

Jill O'Rourke
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America’s Got Talent Season 17 returned on Tuesday night, and for the first time this season, none of the acts earned the Golden Buzzer. The episode also featured just three judges, as Howie Mandel was out sick with Covid-19.

It’s a shame that all of the judges and the host have hit their Golden Buzzers already. There were plenty of acts that could have received the honor if the Golden Buzzers weren’t already hit. (Another group Golden Buzzer is reportedly happening this season, likely when Mandel is back at the table.)

‘AGT’ Season 17 Returns with No Golden Buzzer

There were several acts during Tuesday’s new show that felt like quintessential AGT Golden Buzzer acts, but weren’t. That includes several singing acts, such as Ben Waites, who brought judge Sofia Vergara to tears with his rendition of “True Colors.”

Then there was Acapop! KIDS, a kids’ a cappella group who paid tribute to a former member who passed away. They performed a song called “My Turn,” which was written by Nolan Gibbons, who sadly died unexpectedly at age 15.

The show also ended with an emotional performance from singer Wyn Starks, who shared that he recently lost his twin brother. He went on to perform an original song he wrote called “Who I Am.” Vergara connected with him over the loss of her own brother.

The Judges Were Wowed By This Week’s Acts

At the end of the night, judge Simon Cowell called this week’s AGT episode “one of the best sessions I’ve ever done.” It was true that there were quite a few incredible acts this week that blew the judges’ minds. Several of them were also pretty dangerous.

First there was Duo Rings (Flora and Nico), a couple from Argentina who have been together nine years. They perform aerial acrobatics like we’ve never seen before, finishing the performance with a kiss while they hung in the air. Heidi Klum called it “so elegant,” while Vergara pointed out that Flora was actually “doing the heavy work” for some of the routine.

There was also an escape duo from Brazil called Henry and Klauss who had the judges on the edges of their seats by seemingly locking themselves in barrels and blowing themselves up. The judges were shocked when they showed up disguised as camera operators.

But perhaps the most shocking act of all was the Balla Brothers from Albania, who performed rolla bolla like we’ve never seen it before. For their final trick, one brother balanced on the other brother’s head and then jumped off onto the stage. Cowell said he wants them to juggle knives next time.

Colombian Dancers Dedicate Performance to Sofia Vergara

This week’s episode was definitely a showcase for judge Sofia Vergara to prove why she’s such a wonderful addition to the panel. In addition to her honest emotional reactions to singers like Ben Waites and Wyn Starks, she also had some funny moments.

When a performer named Shenay showed up with cockroaches, Vergara stood up and hid behind Cowell, who tried to stop her from hitting the red buzzer. She ended up taking someone’s shoe to reach it. Later, she participated in Adam Winrich’s whip act, at one point shooting a toilet paper cannon.

But the highlight was when Colombian dance duo Stefanny and Yeeremy dedicated a performance to Vergara. The judge spoke Spanish to them and even corrected the interpreter’s translation at one point. She loved the duo’s energetic performance, immediately giving them a standing ovation.

What was your favorite performance from this week’s episode of America’s Got Talent? Let us know in the comments below.

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