Sofia Vergara’s Best Moments on ‘America’s Got Talent’

Jill O'Rourke
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Sofia Vergara on 'America's Got Talent'Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Sofia Vergara is only in her third season as a judge on America’s Got Talent, but she’s had plenty of memorable moments so far. She regularly has hilarious reactions to some of the show’s wildest performances, and she’s also connected with many of the acts on an emotional level.

Sofia Vergara’s Best AGT Moments

1. When She Pulled a Sword Out of Brett Loudermilk

In Season 15, Vergara got a taste of just how crazy some AGT acts can be when she participated in Brett Loudermilk’s audition. Brett stuck a sword down his throat, causing Vergara to run when he pretended to choke on it. The pair had some adorable back-and-forth as he encouraged her to pull it out for him. After a few false starts, she finally did it.

2. When She Hit Her First Golden Buzzer for Roberta Battaglia

When 10-year-old singer Roberta Battaglia auditioned for Season 15, she expressed her love for Vergara’s role on Modern Family. So it was extra special when Vergara ended up hitting the Golden Buzzer for her after she delivered a powerhouse performance of “Shallow.” Roberta shared that she had been bullied, prompting Vergara to tell her, “Let’s see who is going to bully you after this.”

3. When She Tried Cracking Walnuts with Her Butt

In Season 16, Japanese world record breaker Mr. Cherry auditioned for the show by breaking 79 walnuts with his butt in 30 seconds. Vergara wondered how difficult it was, and Heidi Klum suggested she should try it. So she hopped on stage and sat on the final, uncracked walnut. She was unsuccessful, saying it “really hurts.”

4. When She Got Revenge on Simon Cowell

In Season 16, Simon Cowell played a cruel prank on Vergara with the help of danger act Ryan Stock & Amberlynn. They made Vergara think she had shot Cowell with an arrow while blindfolded. She vowed to get revenge on him, and it happened later in the season when she had an ugly bust made of him that he called “the worst thing I’ve ever seen.”

5. When She Showed Off Her Ventriloquism Skills

Vergara frequently boasts about her ventriloquism skills, and in Season 15, she got to show them off with AGT winner Darci Lynne. Vergara introduced her puppet Mr. Grumpy and demonstrated her questionable talent. The bit was based on a storyline from Modern Family.

6. When She Was So Scared, She Fell Into the Audience

In Season 15, a rapper named Chef Boy Bonez freaked the judges out with his eye-popping talent. Vergara buzzed the act almost immediately, and she begged her fellow judges to do the same. She ended up getting out of her seat and falling into the audience. Vergara sat there while Chef Boy finished his performance.

7. When She Broke Down in Tears Over Nolan Neal

Season 15 singer Nolan Neal shared before his audition that he had struggled with addiction in the past. He performed an original song called “Lost,” which he said was the first song he wrote sober after treatment. The performance brought Vergara to tears, as she shared that she and her family know how difficult addiction is.

8. When She Spoke Spanish to Young Colombian Dancers

In Season 15, a duo of young salsa dancers named Simon and Maria shared that they were originally from Colombia, which is Vergara’s home country. In a sweet moment, she spoke Spanish to them, thanking them for coming. Vergara danced along as the duo performed, and she gave them a standing ovation afterward.

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