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‘AGT’ Comedian Lace Larrabee Releases Hilarious Debut Album ‘White Trash Cinderella’

Lace Larrabee in the 'America's Got Talent' Results Finale ShowPhoto by: Trae Patton/NBC

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America’s Got Talent semifinalist Lace Larrabee has made some major moves in the comedy industry since her time on season 17. The stand-up comedian has recently returned to touring around the country, performing in all types of venues. On top of her live show agenda, she has just released her debut album, White Trash Cinderella. This album showcases her sharp, honest, and sometimes dark humor.

If you loved Larrabee on America’s Got Talent, you’ll love this comedian’s newest release. The album revisits a few of her fan favorite jokes from the season, as well as a slew of never-heard-before jokes.

White Trash Cinderella Features Some of Larrabee’s Best Jokes

White Trash Cinderella opens up with Larrabee joking about how her parents being too young when they had her. Continuing by calling them unsupervised teenagers and the fact that they are still together is a miracle. With each subtle jab about her age in relation to her parents, the audience laughs.

Larrabee then goes on to talk about her career, specifically from how she went from modeling to comedy. Surprisingly for her, she doesn’t consider modeling and stand-up comedy to be too different from each other.

Later, she discusses her marriage and how being married to your best friend can be a great way to brag. While on the topic of marriage, she touched on one of the jokes previously heard on AGT, including jokes about her engagement ring.


While staying on the topic of her husband, she explains that he may be a serial killer, with hilarious reasons. She then explains that her husband is like ET, claiming that he is something from out of this world.

The act closes up with Larrabee sharing her experience with past relationships. She explains that she regrets dating a two-timer for his heights and looks. Within this story, Larrabee acknowledges that once when they argued, she accidentally left her shoe while walking. The album’s name was inspired from the fact that she was called a “White Trash Cinderella” at the time.

Overall, White Trash Cinderella is a very raw and entertaining act by the stand-up comedian. This album will surely produce laughter from every show Larrabee headlines in.

She Got The Last Laugh in The Roast of Simon Cowell

During the season finale of AGT season 17, Larrabee made a guest appearance in Mike E Winfield‘s roast of Simon Cowell. Previously in her semifinal performance, Cowell buzzed her stand-up act while giving a joke about drinking with friends.

Larrabee wasted no time in getting payback by falsely praising Cowell as the most iconic judge, only to direct it to Howie. She proceeds to roast Cowell’s out-of-style haircut and his four dogs that can’t complain about their owner.


Apparently, Larrabee is the one to get the last laugh and she even thanked Cowell for letting her have it. Although Larrabee didn’t make it into the AGT finale, she was loved by fans for her witty on stage humor. Many fans are excited to see what the show’s exposure brings to the table for the former pageant girl.

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