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‘AGT’ Alum Kameron Ross Fuses Drag, Country in New Music Video “Sway”

Kameron Ross and Alyssa EdwardsEriana Ruiz

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America’s Got Talent alum Kameron Ross has recently released the official music video of his newest single “Sway.” The country musician has incorporated drag into the song’s music video, proving that drag queens and cowboys can have chemistry.


We’re Obsessed With the “Sway” Music Video

On July 7, Ross finally released his music video for “Sway.” Seemingly, the release date was also the first time that the country singer watched the production. 

“The ‘Sway’ music video is out 7/7! I’m excited to see it for the first time with everyone tonight during the @thesaloongirlsdallas show at @roundupsaloondallas,” he wrote.

Apart from it being an accompanying music video, “Sway” also serves as an encouragement to the public to donate to the Drag Defense Fund. Being a part of the LGBTQ+ community himself, “Sway” is a form of expression to manifest his resistance against the threats and censorship their group frequently faces.

Meanwhile, in a separate Instagram post, Ross took the time to express his appreciation towards drag queens Alyssa Edwards and Cassie Nova for their generous cooperation. According to the country musician, he’s been fortunate to have a special connection with the two.

“Love these two so much!! You’re both such an inspiration to me and such amazing beautiful people!!” he wrote. “I’m so happy I get to call you my friends. Thank you so much for playing such a great part in my music video for #Sway.”

“Sway” is a Successful Blend of Drag, Country Music

Ross even describes “Sway” to be the “highlight” of his music career, and it’s not hard to tell why. As an openly gay country singer, it’s not a surprise for Ross to drop a queer-integrated music video. This video molded both of his worlds, his love of country music and queer identity, together into one. Nonetheless, the release of the music video is still a brave decision given the political climate around Drag at the moment.

The music video signifies that country music is not solely calming and upbeat ballads. Rather, it is a genre that can be used to send a powerful message. Ross has successfully harmonized his queer identity with “Sway,” and affirmed the same with the music video.

Clearly, the AGT alum spent so much time and effort to make the music video a reality. With a well-thought of theme, he’s indeed managed to impress and move his supporters. 

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