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Girl Named Tom Shares an Exciting Photo at The Recording Studio, Teasing Upcoming Music

Girl Named Tom at eventPhoto by Jason Davis/Getty Images for Lee Jeans

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Pettisville-based folk music trio, Girl Named Tom, recently set the music world abuzz with a glimpse into their creative process. The band recently took to their social media story with a picture from inside the recording studio. Girl Named Tom left fans eagerly anticipating what promises to be an unforgettable musical feast.

Girl Named Tom May Release New Music Soon

In the snapshot shared by Girl Named Tom on Threads, the atmosphere of creativity and collaboration is noticeable. The image showcases the trio and their musical endeavor. The studio itself exudes a cozy vibe, with warm lighting and sound proofed walls that serve as the backdrop for this sonic adventure.

“Too many cooks, maybe, but the sausage is gettin’ made and it’s gonna blow your mind,” the trio wrote over a photo of them in the studio.

The phrase “Too many cooks” playfully alludes to the involvement of various talented individuals who are collectively crafting something remarkable. After sharing the post on Threads, the group shared the photo on their Instagram Stories. On Stories, they wrote “Appetizers on the way,” implying that the band has prepared something special that may be coming up soon. Most likely, the “appetizer” may be a taste of their upcoming project. This will provide a sneak peek into the musical landscape they are currently working on.

Whether it’s a single, an EP, or a preview of their forthcoming album, fans eagerly await the chance to savor these musical appetizers. Girl Named Tom’s recent social media post featuring their studio endeavors has sparked a wave of excitement and anticipation among fans and music enthusiasts.

Girl Named Tom Rose To Fame Quickly

Originating from a small town in Ohio called Pettisville, the Liechty trio loved singing from a young age. In 2019, they officially formed their band, marking the first time they sang together as a trio. The unique name, Girl Named Tom, stemmed from a playful childhood nickname given to their sister, Bekah, by one of her brothers.

During their inaugural year as a band, Girl Named Tom went on an impressive journey, performing an astounding 67 shows across 27 cities. They traversed the country in their parents’ minivan, showcasing their talent in intimate settings such as backyards, basements, and even crashing on couches.

However, their lives changed dramatically in 2021 when they appeared on the hit TV show The Voice. They were fortunate to be mentored by the accomplished singer/songwriter Kelly Clarkson throughout their journey on the show. Clarkson’s guidance helped the trio refine their sound and enhance the harmony that lies at the core of their music.

The trio switches between guitar and piano, supported by a bassist and a drummer during their live performances, creating a rich and full band sound. After their success on The Voice, the band then embarked on a national tour in 2022, gracing over 90 stages across the country. They also released their debut album, “One More Christmas,” and had the honor of opening for Pentatonix during their “Holidays Around the World” tour.

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