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‘Survivor’ Recap: The explosive “Sexual Harassment” Episode That Broke The Internet

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After last week’s Idol Play and blindside of Jack, how would the majority of Lairo react? Also, we’ve reached the merge, with the original Vokai members in majority. Would Lairo be able to turn it around? Find out on this week’s double recap of Survivor: Island of the Idols.

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After Jack’s Survivor Blindside

The Lairo tribe returns to camp after Tribal Council, and Dean explains he was just trying to keep himself alive in the game. Noura admits that she was the other vote for Jack, and says that Kellee told her to do it! Kellee takes Jamal and Janet aside, and denies all of it. Janet seems sold, but Jamal seems a bit shaky.

The next morning, after both Jamal and Dean’s idol plays, the tribe assumes theirs an Immunity Idol somewhere around the camp. After a brief search, Kellee finds a Hidden Immunity Idol under some driftwood!

Afterward, Jamal opens a letter from tree mail, in which the tribe is informed that they are merging! Naturally, there are cheers from everyone, and the group reconvenes with the Vokai tribe, now merged as one.

Survivor Recap – Merge Targeting

As the group merged into the Lumuwaku tribe, everyone had a different game-plan moving forward. The New Vokai tribe seven want to pull in Kellee and Janet, giving them a nine person majority. However, Kellee thinks this plan is dumb, as it worsens her position in the game. She tells Tommy that she thinks Missy is dangerous, and that she needs to go.

Later, Tommy sees them sitting on the beach for two hours, and talks to Lauren about it. He says that Kellee is dangerous, because she is a very smart player. Lauren agrees, but worries about how they’ve always been close.

Consensual Touching and Sexual Harassment

Kellee and Missy’s aforementioned conversation was about Dan, and his “creepy” touching. Surprisingly, even though both ladies and several others have asked Dan to stop, he doesn’t appear to be listening. Kellee emotionally says in a Confessional that it’s a pattern.

In a rare moment on the show, a producer from the show assures Kellee that if there are issues, he would make sure it stops. Kellee says it would stop because Janet was there, and the producer agrees to wait for more information.

Janet sees Kellee crying and comforts her about the problems. Janet says she can’t ignore the girls, while Elizabeth and Missy target him. Kellee, however, acknowledges that she isn’t going to make a game move on personal feelings, regardless of how she feels, and says her target is still Missy.

There was then a note from the show, where the producers met with the cast individually and as a group to discuss boundaries and to remind them that the producers are always available. Dan was also issued a warning regarding his behavior.

Immunity Challenge: Pegs Over Easy

The debut of Pegs Over Easy, the first immunity challenge on this week’s episode of Survivor.

The players start their first immunity challenge. They have a table with three balls on it. They have to hold the table with two hands, and any time they lower it, the table locks into position. If the table goes down too far, the balls will roll away. Once all three of their balls are gone, they are out of the challenge. Last person standing wins immunity.

Several players drop a ball right at the beginning. Noura and Kellee both drop out very quickly, and they are followed by Dean and Janet. Afterward, Elaine, Lauren and Dan drop quickly in succession. We are down to Elizabeth, Jamal, Missy, Tommy, Karishma and Aaron. Karishma drops next and is soon followed by Tommy.

The final four players pushed on for fifteen more minutes, until Missy finally drops. Elizabeth drops out, leaving Jamal and Aaron left, each with two balls left. They go for another ten minutes, until finally drops, and Aaron wins the first individual immunity challenge!

Post-Challenge Strategy

Missy says she’s worried, but everyone then from the swapped Vokai agrees to vote for Kellee. Noura and Jamal begin targeting Dan, and Janet agrees to vote for him. She says that she has a “personal, emotional need,” for the girls to be okay.

However, Elizabeth says that regardless of anything, she’s gonna stay on Kellee, which she relays to Elaine. Elaine then relays this information to Dan to solidify his vote. Kellee says she feels uncomfortable about the vote, and she decides to go look for an idol on the new beach. Tommy says that no matter what happens tonight, he’s gonna make a lot of people mad. Kellee narrowly finds another immunity idol as the tribe heads to Tribal Council.

Tribal Council #1

Jack enters as the first member of the Jury. Dan starts off by saying that everyone’s shuffling allegiances. Everyone says that trust is more important than deception, with Karishma saying you can’t have deception without having trust first. Kellee says that the game makes you present, and agrees that the vote is about trust. Subsequently, Dean says he feels like he’s in a unique position, and that he’s looking to build trust with others. Missy calls the vote a gut check as we head to the votes.

The Votes:
Dan receives five votes.
Kellee receives eight votes.

Kellee is blindsided with two idols in her pocket, in this Survivor recap.

Kellee is voted out with two idols in her pocket as she heads to Ponderosa. The tribe then heads back to camp.

After Kellee’s Elimination

Janet says she’s feels very betrayed because the girls seemed so upset about Dan’s behavior. She confronts Dan with about this, who then deflects her questions. However, Dan does apologize to Missy and Elizabeth, who then back the bus up over Janet, saying that conversation never happened. Janet then reinforces the conversation she had with Elizabeth, who admits to saying she was uncomfortable with Dan.

Janet in a Confessional says she doesn’t feel that touching should be used in a joking way. Later, she says that it’s a damn shame that she changed her vote to support them. Early that next morning, Aaron and Missy go idol hunting, waking up Janet on their way out. She decides to go hunting, and she finds a Hidden Immunity Idol, becoming the oldest player ever to do so!

Jamal on Island of the Idols

Jamal and Karishma are walking on a path, and Jamal sees a hanging piece of paper. He grabs it, and is immediately whisked away to the Island of the Idols. He also has another piece of paper he isn’t supposed to open until he arrives. Sandra and Boston Rob greet him as he arrives on the Island.

Jamal opens his letter, which tells him he lost his vote the moment he grabbed the letter. However, he is given the opportunity to make a fake advantage to fool the player of his choice. Jamal returns to camp, and gives a fake Legacy Advantage to Dean. There’s discussion if the advantage is real, but most agree that Jamal put a target on Dean’s back.

Immunity Challenge: I Hold On

Survivor’s returning favorite challenge I Hold On, the second challenge on this week’s episode.

The tribe heads to the immunity challenge, I Hold On, a Survivor classic. Each player will hold onto a handle behind their back and lean out over the ocean. Jeff will then extend the rope they are holding onto, causing their angles to be more and more extreme. Last person standing of each sex win immunity.

Jeff quickly extends the rope, which eventually causes Lauren and Dan to fall in. Jamal then falls in, as does Elaine. The rope is extended again, causing Karishma, Janet, and Dean to drop. Jeff then extends the rope once more, causing Noura and then Tommy to fall in, meaning Aaron wins individual immunity for the guys. Elizabeth and Missy are then struggling, but Elizabeth falls in. Missy and Aaron win individual immunity!

Tribal Council #2: Dan On Trial

Janet talks about why she voted for Dan at the last Tribal Council. Aaron says it was a failed Survivor play, with Aaron calling Janet a victim. He also says that, “If this was a truly a general tribal concern, I would’ve been involved, Tommy would’ve been involved, Dean would’ve been involved.” Jamal responds with one of the most poignant thoughts of the episode, “We are not entitled to know things just because we’re men or just because we’re in power.”

Dan says that it was inappropriate for it to infiltrate the game, and Karishma says she thinks this is how Janet honestly perceived the situation. Jamal says it’s not his position to speak for women as a men, but that men need to look at their own behavior. After stating that “Since it won’t be let go,” he finally apologizes to Kellee, but says everyone on the tribe is upset since it turned into gameplay.

Janet contemplates quitting, but is encouraged by the rest of the tribe. Lauren acknowledges that Janet is someone that people goes to, and they are all in this together as they head to the votes. Jamal cannot vote due to Island of the Idols.

Janet plays her Immunity Idol, breaking yet another Survivor record.

The Votes:
Janet receives two votes that do not count.
Karishma receives three votes.
Jamal receives six votes.

Jamal joins Kellee and Jack on the Jury, capping off this double episode of Survivor.

Survivor Recap: Jamal is voted out, joining the Jury.

After one of the most important episodes of Survivor ever, Kellee and Jamal were sent packing. Will Janet and Karishma be able to escape the bottom? Who will go to the Island of the Idols? And most importantly, who will be voted out next week? Tune into Survivor at 8/7 Central on CBS next Wednesday to find out!

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