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First Immunity Idol of the Season! Survivor Recap

AJ Wilson

AJ Wilson

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After last week’s brutal Tribal Council, how would Lauren, Tommy and Dan react to being on the bottom? Also, who would be sent to the Island of the Idols? Find out on this week’s Survivor Recap!
Survivor: Island of the Idols – Immunity Challenge: Faulty Towers

After Last Week’s Survivor Blindside

The show opens on the Vokai tribe, with Lauren, Tommy and Dan reeling from Jason’s blindside. Lauren tells Missy that she felt close to her, and that she is gonna have a hard time believing she isn’t the next target.

We then head to Lairo, where it is absolutely pouring rain! The next morning, Jamal tries to light a fire but has no luck, causing Kellee to attempt to intervene. Jamal mansplains to Kellee how to start the fire, causing her to become irritated with him. Noura and Jamal then get into an argument about rice, causing Noura to plot against him. Janet tells her that they just need to stick to the plan and vote out Dean, as a boat pulls up to camp! The letter with the vote says that Janet has been selected to head to the Island of the Idols!

Janet on the Island of the Idols

Janet arrives and is surprised by the presence of Rob and Sandra. The tell her that her lesson is on calculated risk, and Rob presents the test to her. She can play Rob in a game, and if she wins she gets an advantage where she can leave Tribal Council before voting, thus making her ineligible to vote out. Although, if she loses, she loses her vote at her next Tribal Council.

She carefully weighs the risk, and ultimately became the first player to not play a game on the Island of the Idols. Rob respects it, and Janet heads back to camp. Later, after arriving back to camp, Janet convinces the tribe that she chose not to play a game, lying similarly to how Kellee did earlier in the season.

Immunity Challenge

After a brief visit to Vokai where Tommy and Lauren decide to plot against Dan, we head to the immunity challenge! This challenge is relatively simple, with three members of the tribe shooting coconuts into a basket. Once the basket is full, large puzzle pieces will be released. So, the first tribe to finish their puzzle wins immunity.

Vokai quickly takes the lead on the shooting section, releasing their pieces. The puzzle is just the season’s logo, a classic Survivor recap puzzle. However, Lairo rallies, and both tribes end up in a virtual dead heat on the puzzle section. Vokai makes a mistake, but finish just seconds before Lairo, giving them the win!

Vokai wins immunity, sending Lairo to Tribal Council!

Kellee is Making Moves!

Jamal says that is should be a unanimous vote against Dean. Jack agrees, but feels sad about it, wanting to keep Dean.

However, while the rest of the tribe is planning on voting out Dean, Kellee realizes this is the last night she can play her Island of the Idols Immunity Idol. She decides that she wants to save Dean, and talks to him about voting for either Jack or Jamal. She gives her idol to him, and we head to Tribal Council.

Tribal Council: “Survivor is a microcosm of America”

Dean is quick to scramble, appearing to try to get the tribe to turn on Noura and cause a bigger rift between her and Jamal. It appears to work, but Jack shuts it down, saying he trusts Noura more than Dean.

However, Jamal reveals he’s paranoid of a women’s alliance. Kellee calls this ideal sexist, saying that if three women get to the end it’s a women’s alliance, but if three men get to the end, they just worked together. Karishma backs this up, calling Survivor a “microcosm of America,” talking on the USA’s evolving opinions on sex. Janet also agrees, saying this puts women down.

While all players seem to be on a good page with each other, Jeff mentions that someone has to be voted out. Finally, Kellee calls the game an emotional roller-coaster, as we head to the votes.

Jeff returns with the urn, and Dean plays his (Kellee’s) idol on himself! Jamal then stands up and plays his idol on Noura! Jeff then reads the votes.

The Votes:
Dean: 5 (DO NOT COUNT)
Jack: 2

Jack is blindsided and gets his torch snuffed. He becomes the first member of the Jury. Jeff says nights like this one prove that Survivor is still relevant. The episode closes with a brief tribute to Rudy Boesch.

That concludes this week’s Survivor recap! It looks like next week is the merge! How will the lines be drawn? Who is the biggest target? And who will be sent to the Island of the Idols? Find out on next week’s episode of Survivor, airing on CBS at 8/7 Central next Wednesday.

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