How Simon Cowell’s New Vegan Lifestyle Has Changed His Family Life!

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Simon Cowell has totally changed his life around in 2019 and it’s astonishing what he’s achieved! From his vegan diet to his new sleep schedule, the TV talent show judge is a new man!

Simon is 100% vegan… forever!

When Simon Cowell first premiered his new look, it had fans going crazy. However, as time has passed, Simon is beginning to suit the slimmer body and new face well. He also announced at recent ITV event ‘ITV Palooza’, that he is now 100% vegan and has no plans of ever going back to his old ways.

Simon also said that his plant-based diet is giving him more energy as a father: “I was conscious of the fact I have to keep up with him energy-wise, and someone recommended this as the way to go. I tried it and I stuck to it, it’s one of the easiest things I’ve ever done.”

The current ‘X Factor’ judge did admit though that he’ll indulge in some roast potatoes over the Christmas period, but will still stick to his vegan ways.

We’re proud of you Vegan Simon Cowell, never thought we would see this day!

Simon says he doesn’t find judging multiple shows difficult

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The 2019 ‘America’s Got Talent’ judging panel (Simon – far right of photo)

Simon also said at the ITV event that he finds no problem in featuring on many different panels. As of 2019, the judge has featured on two versions of ‘BGT’, two versions of ‘AGT’, ‘X Factor: Celebrity’ and is now working on ‘X Factor: The Band’. All we can say is that’s pretty damn impressive!

Cowell recently announced new show ‘X Factor: The Band’ coming very soon to ITV and AXS TV after Little Mix announced their brand new show ‘The Search’. He felt it was necessary to bring on some friendly competition between them both. After all, Simon has never been one to miss out on an opportunity to find new stars.

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A point was also made that Simon and his shows have always found groups in the spare of the moment, sometimes it only took ’10 minutes’ to find a superstar group like One Direction, according to Cowell.

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Pablo Urdiales Antelo
Pablo Urdiales Antelo

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