5 Times We Were Left Wondering ‘Blake Shelton How Do You Not Know…?’

Corey Cesare
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It’s no secret that Blake Shelton is known for being one of the most confused coaches on The Voice. While the other coaches, Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, and Ariana Grande are talking music, Shelton sometimes has a hard time keeping up. Some of these situations could be understood based off the fact that he has always performed country music. When others leave fans saying “Blake Shelton how do you not know….?”

1. He Claims the Name Carolina is Spelled Wrong

Last season, Legend had a Carolina on his team and Shelton insisted that her name was spelled wrong. Instead of spelling the name Carolina he claims it should be spelled like how it’s pronounced… Caroleena. Legend couldn’t help but bring this up during the blind auditions in season 21. When Legend called Shelton out he responded saying that the singers parent’s spelled her name wrong.

2. He Didn’t Know John Legend Wrote this Song!

In the season 20 blind auditions of The Voice Victor Soulful sang “Glory” by John Legend. When Shelton was trying to get the singer to join his team, he was throwing shade at both Nick Jonas and Legend. Legend and Clarkson simultaneously realized that Shelton had no idea Legend sang the song. All of the coaches laughed at Shelton when they realized Shelton wasn’t kidding, he didn’t know Legend wrote this song.

3. When He Makes up His Own Vocabulary

In the outtakes for The Voice‘s current season Shelton made up a word, then admitted that he didn’t know what the definition of “vernacular” was. In this video he’s seen saying “losery coach,” which he said he heard in The Wedding Singer. The other coaches seemed pretty confused, minus Legend who thought it made sense.

After that Shelton asked Grande what the word she used about boxing was (vernacular). Shelton admitted that he thought it had to do with blood flow. To add to the fun, Clarkson said she’d give the coach whatever he wants if he could spell the word.

4. When He Called Buju a “Type of Warm Bread”

When Pia Renee auditioned during Season 20, it was clear early who she would choose to be her choice between the cowboy and John Legend. Legend went through some of the artists Pia reminded him of and asked the singer if she likes Buju. Clarkson asked Shelton if he knows who Buju is and he said it’s “like a warm bread.” I think you mean brioche, Blake.

5. When He had No Chance of Getting this Four-Chair Turn on His Team

On Season 21 of The Voice Gymani took to the stage to sing “pov” by Ariana Grande. Luckily, Shelton did know that one of his fellow coaches sings this song. Grande, Clarkson, and Legend gave the singer feedback that was specific to her vocal techniques. Once it was Shelton’s turn to talk he said:

“I don’t know what to say here because you sang an Ariana Grande song, which is my fav, by the way,” said Shelton. “John went on for 15 minutes with words that I’m going to have to look up, which is very impressive.”

After that the coach went straight to a different tactic, making fun of Clarkson.

Honorable Mentions: All of the Times Fans Had to Tweet “Blake Shelton How do You not Know…”

Listen, we all have music genres that we simply don’t know. But, this coach misses many modern day marks because he is so invested in his own world of country. Since he’s so lost, he’s admitted that he doesn’t know The Who, Freddie Mercury, Smokey Robinson, and others… are you disappointed? I know I am.

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