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Blake Shelton Says He Thinks Buju is a “Warm Bread” in Attempt to Snag Reggae Artist

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In an attempt to get Reggae powerhouse, Pia Renee, on his team, The Voice coach Blake Shelton made a heinous blunder. Realizing he doesn’t actually know the Reggae genre very well, he says he thinks Buju might be a “warm bread.” Yikes.


Blake Shelton Attempts to Win Over Pia Renee

On night three of the blind auditions for this season of The Voice, we saw yet another head-to-head showdown between coaches Blake Shelton and John Legend when they both turned their chairs at the last minute of Pia Renee’s performance of “Master Blaster (Jammin’)” by Stevie Wonder.

As Renee began singing, viewers can see Legend get excited as he sways and snaps to the beat. Clearly, he immediately recognizing the song. Despite his initial enthusiasm, Legend doesn’t turn his chair until the final notes of the song, immediately after Shelton has turned his chair, to Shelton’s obvious disappointment. 

“I feel like I’m getting one last look at her,” Shelton can be heard saying as he jumps up in frustration after Legend turns his chair. 

Shelton turns his attention to wooing Renee saying, “You were singing fast, I couldn’t even understand what was going on…I can’t even think rhythmically, I can’t even say rhythmically. I do think we have a similar style.”

Legend Shows His Reggae Knowledge

Despite Shelton’s attempt at convincing Renee that his country style could bring experience to her chances at winning the show, it was clear from the beginning whose team she would select. Especially when Legend starts showing his musical knowledge. 

“I heard a little Rahsaan Patterson in you too,” Legend said to Renee. When Kelly Clarkson stepped in to ask Shelton if he knows who that is, he responds, in an attempt at humor, “that’s old man Patterson’s boy.”

Legend continues by thanking Renee for her performance. He reminds the artist that he knows the musical style she performs while Shelton “has no clue.” This fact is solidified when the conversation turns to Buju. 

“It’s like a bread, like a warm bread, like a buju” Shelton said when asked what Buju is.


Spoiler alert, Buju is not, in fact, a warm bread. He is a world-renowned Jamaican reggae artist and cultural icon. Legend happens to have previously recorded with him, earning instant credit.

Despite the major slight, Renee took the comment in stride, surprising no one by choosing to join Team Legend.

“When Blake thought Buju was a thing and not a person, I was like yeah dog you out the game, love you though,” Renee said to the cameras offstage, concluding her audition.

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