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12 New Costumes We Want to See on ‘The Masked Singer’ Season 2

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The inaugural season of The Masked Singer has come to a close, but we’re already hyped for Season 2! We’ve already started a wish list for celebrities we want to see compete next season, but we’re also all about the outfits! Season 1 brought us some amazing costumes, and we’re sure Season 2 is going to deliver on that front as well. Here are 12 characters we’d love to see appear on Season 2!

The Tiger

tiger costume

Rumer Willis took the stage as the Lion in Season 1, and so of course the next logical feline to include on the roster would be the Tiger! We think this would be a great choice for Season 2 because there are so many things the costume designers could do with the mask and suit. Would it be an orange tiger or a white tiger? What would the stripes look like? Would it be super cute or exude a more menacing presence? There are so many options, and we’d love to see what the show would come up with!

The Panda

panda costume

If we had a lion and we may have a tiger, we should also have a bear, and the most fun bear we can think of would definitely be the Panda! With how cute their faces are, we’re sure The Masked Singer would come up with an absolutely adorable costume for a lucky celebrity to wear!

The Owl

owl costume

After seeing Ricki Lake as the Raven and Donny Osmond as the Peacock in Season 1, we’re hoping to see some another fun and feathery costume next time! And with it’s big eyes and smooth wings, is it any wonder why we’d love to see the Owl on the show? This bird is commonly known for its high intelligence, so we think it’d be the perfect fit for a celebrity known for their cerebral abilities and/or pursuits.

The Pig

pig costume

Admittedly, there’s nothing too fancy about the Pig, but let’s face it: there’s something about pigs that’s just inherently funny. This might be a good choice for a comedian competing on the show.

The Dragon

We know mythical beings aren’t ruled out as costume possibilities on The Masked Singer after seeing Tori Spelling as the Unicorn. There are various options for this category going forward, but the one we’d love to see the most would have to be the Dragon. Having a more wild and “scary” type of creature on Season 2 would be a nice offset to the sweetness of the Unicorn, and we can only imagine the potential colors and detail of the costume, especially the mask itself!

The Werewolf

werewolf costume

This would be a fun way to carry on the canine torch left behind by Margaret Cho’s Poodle. That costume was cute, sweet, and sassy, all traits the Werewolf would be a huge departure from. (It could even potentially take over Gladys Knight’s Bee as the resident nightmare-fuel costume of the season.)

The Yeti

yeti costume

Much like Latoya Jackson’s Alien, this one is more of a debatably mythological creature, but the Yeti would be a great character for the designers to really get creative with since there’s no official source for what one looks like, kind of like T-Pain’s Monster. And it would be a particularly fitting choice for a taller celebrity – a basketball player, perhaps?

The Giraffe

toys r us giraffe
Rene Johnpiere

Another fun option for a celebrity on the taller side, the Giraffe might be a tough one for the show to pull off…but that’s exactly why we want to see them try! Given how well they’ve done with all of the costumes so far, we have faith they could make this unique creature work as one of Season 2’s characters.

The Rhino

rhino costume

The Rhino is another animal not like any other (its closest Season 1 relative would probably be Antonio Brown’s Hippo) which is why we think it’d be great as a Masked Singer character. We’re sure the costume department would make an epic-looking mask highlighting it’s massive, sharp horns!

The Kangaroo

kangaroo costume

The Kangaroo is cute, fun, and full of energy; who wouldn’t want to take on that moniker? Our only request is that whichever celebrity dons this mask has to follow in the footsteps of Joey Fatone as the Rabbit and truly embody the character; we want to see them bouncing all over that stage!

The Platypus

platypus costume

The Platypus is just the sort of obscure animal that would be perfect for The Masked Singer. We mean, it’s a mammal with a duck-like bill that lays eggs for crying out loud! We’re sold!

The Tomato

tomatohead fortnite

After Tommy Chong’s Pineapple in Season 1, we wouldn’t be surprised to see another mask inspired by an inanimate object in the future. While it doesn’t necessarily have to be another food item, we think there’d be real potential to get a cool mask out of the Tomato. (After all, Fortnite certainly seems to think so!)

What costumes would YOU like to see on The Masked Singer Season 2? Let us know in the comments below!

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