‘The X Factor UK’s Judge’s Houses Round Gets Real

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Saturday we returned to the judge’s houses rounds on The X Factor UK with the “groups” and “The boys” being spotlighted. I thought there were some real standout performances, especially among The Boys. Definitely some potential winners. With the live shows only a week away it’s getting real.

LMA Choir

David Walliams from BGT was the guest judge this week and it definitely made me think that the choir is on the wrong show. A choir has never done well on The X Factor because it’s the wrong showcase for their talent. At any rate, they made it through to the next round.

A Star

This is one of the groups that the show put together and they are still trying to find their identity and voice, which is only natural. Robbie points this out that they are at a disadvantage only having been together for a short time. But they see enough there to move them on to the next round.

Panda and Burgundy

Though I think the two of them are great singers…something was off. It may simply be that they are a new group together. Unfortunately, this is the end of the road for them.

Vibe 5

Ah, the boy band. The X Factor is one of the last places on Earth where the boy band still lives. These guys were pretty good and the harmonies were on point. Not bad at all. They move on to the next round.

Sweet Sense

This is a classic case of nerves getting the better of them. It’s got to be hard to sing with a bunch of virtual strangers in front of the judges when the stakes are high. At any rate, they didn’t make it through.


These guys are simply great and they write their own songs. My prediction is that they go all the way to the finals and just might win the whole damn thing. They, of course, make it through.

The groups moving on to the next round are:

Dalton Harris

Now this guy can sing. In general I feel that the Boys’ team has the strongest singers and Dalton is certainly up there with the best. He could go very, very far.


He was all over the place and his nerves definitely got the best of him. It does not look good for Armstrong.

Thomas Pound

Thomas is an example of someone who uses his nerves to fuel his performance rather than letting it hinder him. He was pretty damn good and I think he’ll go through.


This guys biggest problem is not that his voice isn’t good, which it is, but rather it’s the fact that there are other soul singers that are better. If it comes down to him and Dalton, for example, they are going to pick Dalton.

Anthony Russell

The comeback kid returns. His voice cracked at one point and that is just because he needs some polish. I have a feeling that they are going to keep him around in spite of him messing up.

Which one of the boys makes it through? We shall see on Sunday.

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