The Last ‘The X Factor UK’ Judge’s House Episode Got Emotional

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It’s all come down to this on The X Factor UK Judge’s House round. We find out which one of the Boys makes it through and the Overs as well. The Overs have some powerhouse singers and the Boys are killers. No room for fat in this competition. But who made it through? Let’s see. 

Brendan Murray

Brendan is the last of the Boys’ team to perform. He was really solid, not thrilling, but definitely a great singer. He sang Nothing Compares 2 U and guest judge Niall Rodgers got choked up because he was friends with Prince.

Then we found out which of the Boys made it through. I was kind of surprised by Armstrong. But other than that I agree:

Olatunji Yearwood


Janice Robinson

Now we’re talking. Janice is easily the best female vocalist this season. If she doesn’t make it to the finals it’s ageism pure and simple.

Ricky John

This guy is kind of like tapioca. It’s OK but it wouldn’t be my first choice. The judge’s concurred. Also, dude, lose the man bun.

Louise Setara

Poor Louise lost her husband last year and I think a combination of her grief and nerves really through her off. She messed up lyrics and was pitchy. At the end she breaks down. It’s a shame.

Giovanni Spano

Giovanni reminds me of the guys in college that always got the romantic lead in the musicals. That’s not  a bad thing, per se, as he’s got a good voice.

Danny Tetley

I did not see this coming. His Somewhere Over the Rainbow brought down the house. It was by far his best performance.

The final list of Overs is:

In general I agree with this list except…Olatunji? Really?


Jack Tomas
Jack Tomas

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