‘X Factor’ SNUBBED by the NTA — Simon Cowell Finally Getting A Wake Up Call?

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It may be awards season for movies, but the top TV shows in Britain are getting some love via the National Television Awards! But one show that isn’t feeling that love this year? The X Factor. Is Simon Cowell finally hearing what people are trying to say?

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The X Factor Gets Left Out in the Cold

Seeing how The X Factor‘s Celebrity and The Band editions were both pretty much universally panned and did not do well in ratings for ITV against rival Strictly Come Dancing in the same timeslot on BBC (which, incidentally, was nominated for an NTA) this should come as no surprise. But it’s definitely a glaring reminder of how far the show has fallen from Grace; people have been complaining about a decline in its quality for years, but this marks the first time it has been excluded from the “Talent Show” nominations list in 13 years. Yikes!

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Why It Spells Danger

The National Television Awards are celebrating their 25th anniversary this year

The National Television Awards are a strong indicator of shows that are in good standing with the public because they are based entirely on what people are watching and enjoying. Audience voting may only be open for the final round to determine the winners, but the initial contenders and shortlist they are whittled down to are based on TV ratings. So if the people aren’t watching, the show doesn’t get nominated. And that’s exactly what happened to The X Factor.

A Wake-Up Call For Simon Cowell

As if the low ratings and threats of the show being cancelled weren’t enough, this has gotta be a major sign to Simon Cowell that something isn’t right. Obviously, he’s noticed change is needed, as he clearly created the Celebrity and Band editions as attempts to revitalize The X Factor, but this snub is yet more proof of things not working out.

X Factor: The Band winner announcement

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Now it’s not all bad news for Simon, as he did get a nomination for “TV Judge” representing The X Factor and his other major show in the UK, Britain’s Got Talent made the “Talent Show” shortlist. But The X Factor‘s snub is just another sign that the show’s days might be numbered, and Simon may soon be knocked down a peg or two from his current status as talent show king.


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