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Will Fakir Testa Become ‘AGT’s Most Breaktaking Danger Act?

Fakir Testa auditions for 'America's Got Talent'Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC

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Unbelievable danger artist Fakir Testa takes the stage on America’s Got Talent season 17. This seasoned entertainer pushes the boundaries of what’s humanly possible in each of his on stage performances.

Entertainer Fakir Testa isn’t afraid to push the boundaries of the human body. According to his website, each of his performances make audience members question the limits of the human body. They always defy the limits of the human body. Within each act, he suppresses suffering and ultimately escapes from death.

Testa’s original acts, “The Art of Danger” and “Dangerously Funny” are the highlighted acts on his website. While each act lasts around 50 minutes and contain shocking elements, they seem to be rather different. “The Art Danger” is an on stage and theater act. This act highlights the physical and mental abilities of a human being. It pays tribute to the legacy of European Fakirs, as well as American freakshows. “The Art of Danger” is a “cocktail of adrenaline and elegance.”

On the other hand, “Dangerously Funny” is typically a street show. This show has an audience focused constant dialogue, mixed with plenty of shocking elements and jokes. “Dangerously Funny” is “familiar and participatory.”

While we’re not sure if Testa will perform either of his original acts on the AGT stage, press photos suggest that his act will involve knives. At first glance, the photos look like he’s walking up a ladder, but the rungs are actually knives.

Testa Holds a Guinness World Record, Will He Show it off on AGT?

It’s no surprise that Testa would include knives in his AGT performance since he recently earned the Guiness World Record for the fastest time to walk on 10 meters of knives. He achieved this record by walking over 10 meters of knives in one minute and five seconds. We’ve seen other AGT acts attempt to recreate their world records on the stage, so it’s possible he’ll do the same.

Testa achieved this honor on February 24, 2022 in Milan, Italy while on Lo Show Dei Record, a show that brings Guiness World Record holders to the stage to show off their talents. This AGT contestant celebrated his accomplishment by posting a photo of the certificate in early April. Alongside his stage name, Testa’s legal name, Jaime Oms, appears on the document.

Tune into America’s Got Talent to see what Testa’s talent is on Tuesday, June 21. We can’t wait to see his unbelievable stunts.

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