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Why Does The Internet Keep Comparing Olivia Rodrigo to ‘Victorious’ Character Tori Vega?

Olivia Rodrigo on the 'MTV VMA' stagePhoto by Theo Wargo/Getty Images for MTV

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As Olivia Rodrigo continues to create her legacy in the pop-rock arena, she’s getting more attention from the public. Most recently, the singer-songwriter’s fans went on a frenzy after they noticed her similarities to Victorious character Tori Vega.

Olivia Rodrigo is Being Compared to Victorious Character Tori Vega

In a random social media post, a person stated Olivia Rodrigo’s similarity to Victoria Justice’s character in Victorious, Tori Vega. Since then, many fans agreed to the opinion, claiming that Rodrigo gives off the same stage presence as the Victorious character.

“Ever since someone said Olivia Rodrigo was Tori Vega core when she performs I can’t unsee it,” one X (formerly Twitter) user wrote.

“So now we’ve established [that] Olivia Rodrigo is our universe’s Tori Vega,” another user wrote.

“Olivia Rodrigo is so Tori Vega coded, it’s camp,” a fan wrote on TikTok.

For those who may not know, Justice’s style (as Tori) appears youthful and casual. Her character is a high school student so it’s only understandable that she wear jackets and skinny jeans.

@holdensmith962 pls tell me you see it #torivega #victorious #nickelodeon #oliviarodrigo #oliviarodrigosour #gutsoliviarodrigo #fyp #popculture #victoriajustice ♬ get him back! – Olivia Rodrigo

Rodrigo’s present wardrobe is different from Justice’s (as Tori), since she’s been serving more mature and ladylike looks in recent months. Rodrigo has been slipping on figure-enhancing dresses, showing off her curves and shoulders. Nonetheless, she often maintains her girlish appearance by wearing boots and heels.

While Justice’s character’s vibe and Rodrigo’s vibe may seem distant, fans may be seeing their similarity by unconsciously reminiscing the former Disney star’s look. During her younger years, Rodrigo appeared on Disney Channel shows Bizaardvark and High School Musical: The Series. Then, she was known to wear outfits that suited her age. These outfits, of course, were similar to Justice’s, since they were both acting as high schoolers on a TV show.

@styleandcola Olivia Rodrigo look like Tori Vega, yes or no? 👀 #oliviarodrigo #torivega #victoriajustice #torivegaisvictorious #victorious #lookalike #twins #oliviarodrigolookalike #victoriavega ♬ deja vu – sp33dsongsx

She Receives “Tone Deaf” Backlash After Late Night Apperance

While it’s undeniable that Rodrigo is slowly but surely cementing herself in the industry, the singer-songwriter is also facing some criticisms. After her appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, some internet users accused the singer for being “tone deaf.

While on the popular talk show, Rodrigo played the Singing Whisper Challenge game. Given a card with a pre-selected song for her to sing, Fallon, while wearing noise-canceling headphones, had to lip-read and guess what she was singing.

Her first Singing Whisper Challenge song was “Flowers” by Miley Cyrus. Rodrigo immediately did the task, slowly and dramatically singing the song so Fallon could guess. After the singer sang a few lines, Fallon guessed the song correctly.

While the duo joyfully managed to finish the challenge, fans didn’t seem to like how Rodrigo performed the song.

“Omg why is she singing like that? So out of tune,” one user wrote.

“Her voice is not like how she sounds. Thank goodness for autotune,” one user commented.

Upon seeing the backlash, Rodrigo’s fans came to her defense. According to her followers, the singer was simply focused on making Fallon guess the song right.

“Stop hating on her. she’s singing like that and moving her mouth like that so he can see and guess what she’s saying correctly. If I were yall, I wouldn’t be saying anything because I know for a fact you can’t sing any better,” a follower wrote.

“She sings out of tune because it’s so that he understands and does it slow, when she has sing in concerts or in lives sings very well,” another wrote.

During the interview, the singer talked to Fallon about her music, Grammy wins, and one of her newest hits, “Can’t Catch Me Now” featured in The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes.

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