Who Are the Superfans Voting on ‘AGT: All-Stars’?

Jill O'Rourke
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Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, and Simon Cowell on 'AGT All-Stars'Simon Cowell via Social Media

One thing that sets AGT: All-Stars apart from the regular seasons of America’s Got Talent is the fact that viewers at home can’t vote for their favorite contestants. Because the show was pre-taped, the show uses a group of “Superfans” to decide which acts should move on to the Finals, in addition to five Golden Buzzer acts chosen by the judges and host.

Who Are the AGT: All-Stars Superfans?

AGT introduced the Superfan concept during its previous spin-off AGT: The Champions. The show was pretty vague about it back then, and they’re being even more vague about it now. Host Terry Crews hasn’t told viewers exactly who these Superfans are.

In the first season of Champions, Crews shared that the Superfans represented “all 50 states of America.” At the time, NBC told Gold Derby that a “research team sourced delegates from all 50 states who have been longtime and dedicated viewers” of the show.

The network added that rather than being in the show’s audience, these Superfans watched the performances “off-camera in a controlled environment within the show’s venue” and cast their votes on “electronic keypads.” They shared that while there was some crossover, it wasn’t the same group of Superfans every week.

It’s not clear how much of this information still applies to the All-Stars Superfans. One possible difference is that the Superfans might have been watching remotely this time. A Linkedin post from last year shares, “Pre-selected super fans will be invited to a series of Zoom calls where they will be able to watch tapings of the different AGT All Stars acts perform.”

The post links to a voting page which currently reads, “Voting is now closed. Thank you for participating!”


Not Everyone Likes the Show’s Format

The AGT: All-Stars format has some fans frustrated, as they watch their favorite acts get voted off. They shared their opinions on social media after the first episode of the show aired, with one Twitter user writing, “#AGTAllStars needs to fire the ‘Superfans’. Show loses so much credibility with results like this.”

Another user wrote, “The superfans got it totally wrong. How can they actually think that the Bello Sisters are better than Terry Fator?” Someone else wondered, “Again who are these #AGT superfans voting on #AGTAllStars At least show some pics.”

One Reddit user even shared their belief that the Superfans aren’t even real, writing, “The producers just robbed the two best acts of the night.” They believed that Terry Fator and Alan Silva should have moved on over Light Balance Kids and Bello Sisters.

What do you think about the Superfan format? Do you wish you could vote for your All-Stars favorites? Let us know in the comments below.

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