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What’s Up With ‘American Idol’ Star Graham DeFranco’s Obsession with Bud Light?

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One thing we learned after watching Season 19 of American Idol is that Graham DeFranco is obsessed with Bud Light. The aerial survey pilot turned musician just moved to Nashville, the songwriting capital of the world and he is currently gearing up to play a show with some of his American Idol friends. They are all hoping that Bud Light will come through and sponsor the event.

‘American Idol’ Star Graham DeFranco is Obsessed with Bud Light

By the looks of one Instagram Story, it appears that Bud Light sent Graham a merch package after he expressed his love for their products on Instagram. He posted a picture of the goodies on his Instagram Story. This took place during the American Idol season after Graham was already eliminated. Graham naturally posed for a picture on Instagram wearing some of his Bud Light merch. This marked the start of his campaign to get sponsored.

“Anytime I go out now, I’ll be repping @budlight merch. @budlight pls give me more merch or a multi million dollar endorsement deal. Whichever sounds good to you,” he wrote.

After posting the photo on social media, the official Bud Light Twitter account replied and told him to send them a DM. We don’t know the extent of their interaction, but we do know Graham’s love for Bud Light is still going strong.

One week later, Graham joined us on the Talent Recap Show. When we spoke to Graham after his elimination he talked about his plans to move to Nashville with his American Idol friends Wyatt Pike, Chayce Beckham, and Hunter Metts. Of course, we had to bring up his obsession with Bud Light. He decided to ask fans to help him out so he could secure an endorsement deal.

“If y’all want to hit up Bud Light and tell them to sponsor Graham DeFranco, give him a multi-million dollar endorsement just help me out a little bit you know,” he said with a smile.


Graham Hopes to Finally Be Sponsored by the Company

Just a couple of weeks after making his love for Bud Light known to his 60,000 Instagram followers, Graham gave a surprise performance at the American Idol finale. When Arthur Gunn pulled out of his performance with Sheryl Crow at the last minute, Graham was there to step in five minutes before the performance was set to air. The set was flawless and probably earned Graham a Bud Light at the finale after-party.

On July 3, Graham will be joining fellow American Idol contestants Cassandra Coleman, Wyatt Pike, Christina “Redd” Daugherty, and Season 18’s Franklin Boone for a show at The Mulehouse in Columbia, Tennessee. Redd posted on her Instagram Story asking Bud Light to sponsor Graham and the event. Season 18 contestant Louis Knight also posted an Instagram Story asking the same thing.

Graham reposted both of their stories on his own Instagram account and added that “the world is waiting.” We certainly hope that Graham’s dream partnership with Bud Light comes true for him. He is definitely one of the bright spots of a chaotic season and even hilariously shaved his beard to protest Hunter’s elimination.

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