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What Are All of the Runners-Up of ‘America’s Got Talent’ Up To Now?

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If you’re like me, you’re always curious about what people acts do after their talent show concludes. While some of the biggest names from America’s Got Talent are successful from winning, runners-up have been pretty successful too. Here’s what all the AGT runners-up are up to in 2022.

Whether you remember these runners-up or not, they’re pretty much all still active in 2022. Let’s reminisce on some of America’s other favorite acts and look into what all of the AGT runners up are up to now.

1. All That and The Millers

The debut season of America’s Got Talent differs from the rest because there are two runners up. All That, Male Clogging Dance Group, and The Millers, singer and magician duo, were labeled as runners up. The Millers are no longer active on social media, their last song was published in 2017. All That remains performing their clogging in current day.


2. Cas Haley

This singer is a Spotify verified artist that has over 117,000 monthly listeners. In 2020, he won the Lincoln Motor Company’s “Chart Your Course” contest and won a recording contract with Capital Studios.


3. Eli Mattson

This pianist released music following the end of his season. Now, he still plays and performs live with his friends. He has 15 live show listings for the months of March, April, and May 2022.


4. Bárbara Padilla

This opera singer has gone on to become a verified artist on Spotify and still performs in present day. This singer now considers her music to be a classical crossover soprano and opera singer. She has five upcoming shows this May.


5. Jackie Evancho

This classical singer auditioned for America’s Got Talent at 10 years old and is still singing at 21. In 2020 she joined The Masked Singer in attempt to premiere a new sound and banish her child figure. Immediately after the series, she took a break from social media, but has since returned, teasing new music in 2022.


6. Silhouettes

The shadow dance group returned to the AGT stage for the second season of AGT: The Champions. They were given a golden buzzer in the spin off. They are currently a featured act in the AGT Las Vegas Live residency at The Luxor Resort and Casino.


7. Tom Cotter

This comedian was the first to ever make it into the finals of AGT. He was a breakout comedian after his season of the series concluded and went on to perform in several live shows. Cotter still performs comedy in 2022, he regularly performs at The Comedy Cellar in New York City.


8. Taylor Williamson

This comedian is remembered for his jokes about the ongoing fling between him and Heidi Klum. He’s starred in multiple skits after the series alongside Klum and still tells the joke today. This hilarious comedian now lives in Los Angeles and continues to perform around the country.


9. Emily West

This unique singer was praised for having a never-heard-before style on AGT. She’s currently working on a 12 track album called Dear Diary. She raised $34,886 through Kickstarter to create the project. West’s album has yet to release to streaming, but she recently shared that she’s sending out vinyls of the album.


10. Drew Lynch

This comedian recently released his first ever comedy special. To this day he still performs comedy around the U.S. He currently has tour dates slated for April through July, as well as September through December. Lynch also has become a TikTok star with over a million followers on the platform.


11. The Clairvoyants

This magician duo is currently apart of the AGT Las Vegas Live residency, but is now going on a tour of their own. Their April tour takes place in both Austria and Germany. In May they will return to the United States for a tour across America and Canada.


12. Angelica Hale

This young singer auditioned for the series at nine years old and is still performing at 14 years old. It’s no secret that Hale is one of the most popular runners up in the history of the series. She has almost 3 million subscribers on YouTube and an extremely loyal fanbase.


13. Zurcaroh

This act made history as the first ever acrobatic group to receive a golden buzzer on AGT. In present day, it seems like their group has slowed down since the coronavirus pandemic. Their last Instagram post was in 2021, we don’t know if this group is still together or not.


14. Detroit Youth Choir

This choir is still loud and proud in 2022 after making history as the first singing act to receive a golden buzzer in the series overall. To this day, Terry Crews still comments on their Instagram posts. Reports state that American Idol‘s Grace Franklin was recently apart of this group.


15. Broken Roots

This act is a country duo made up of Austin Edwards and Joey Kar. The singers seem to have parted ways from their group, but are instead continuing music as solo artists. We’re not sure if the duo has completely broken up or simply taken a break.


16. Aidan Bryant

This young aerialist has continued to perform his art online. He has racked up over 20,000 followers on each of his social media formats following the show. Beginning on April 29, Aidan will perform at his first circus in Honolulu, Hawaii.

17. Kristy Sellars

The most recent runner up of America’s Got Talent has yet to reveal her next career move. The pole dancer was a clear fan favorite in the competition, due to her unique and captivating performances. Fans hope that her multimedia/pole dance talent can return to the stage soon.


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Kathryn Mineo
Kathryn Mineo
1 year ago

Why not do the WHOLE list..up to 2022?! My fav is not on your short old list!

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