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Did You Know ‘America’s Got Talent’ Winner Kenichi Ebina is Also Part of UniCircle Flow?

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Kenichi Ebina made history on America’s Got Talent season eight and was one of the most watched acts of all time. In 2021, he returned to the stage as the founder of Unicircle Flow. Here’s what this winner is up to in 2022.

America’s Got Talent season eight winner returned to the stage as the founder of unicycle group, UniCircle Flow in 2021. Outside of dancing for himself, he now works as an artistic director and producer of shows and events. He’s also an agent, booking agent and has is the CEO of the production company LinQuest Inc.

Ebina Brings UniCircle Flow to AGT

In 2021, he founded the AGT season 16 group, UniCircle Flow. For this group, he brought together champion unicyclists with the goal of spreading recognition of unicycling as an artistic performance. Fans of the series loved this act because it was something completely new to America. This dance style has been popular in dance for more than 40 years because of its unique and fascinating style.

UniCircle Flow stunned in their audition and was picked to advance into the Top 36 of the season. From there, they continued to perform beautiful dances in both the quarter finals and semi finals. Even though their unique act was outstanding, the group received criticism in the quarter finals. During this performance, a group member fell off their unicycle, but quickly got back up.

Following that performance, they did not receive enough votes during normal voting, but was the judges choice during the Instant Save. They were eliminated in the semi finals.

While UniCircle Flow didn’t show up in the finals, Ebina did. He was featured in Josh Blue’s finale package. Within the package Blue got advice from other stars on how to succeed in the finals. Howie Mandel, Preacher Lawson, Tom Cotter, Taylor Williamson, and Ebina are featured in this video. Ebina shows up while Williamson is talking about his results show night with Blue.


What is He up to In 2022?

Since AGT season 16 ended, Ebina has gone back to performing. He recently returned to Japan after performing in a Dubai expo. Ebina spent five days there then returned to Japan for a show in Nagaragawa Convention Center in Gufu. The dancer shared that his event was cancelled due to COVID-19.

Following his cancelled performance, he shared that six members of UniCircle Flow returned from the France “GAIA” show tour by Cirque Phenix. They had been on this tour for four months and were working hard and avoiding COVID. The founder of the group shared that he’s proud of the group and he heard their performances were the highlight of the show. It seems like Ebina still lives an extremely busy lifestyle in 2022.

His Time on America’s Got Talent

In 2013, he auditioned for America’s Got Talent and quickly became a household name. His audition consisted of Matrix-inspired dance that featured martial art and miming. Ebina was one of 30 acts to advance straight to the quarter finals without performing in Las Vegas.

The dancer once again impressed the audience with his quarter final performance. This performance features Ebina dancing and miming to create the impression of him fighting monsters, swimming, encountering a fire breather, and destroying a robot. This was all portrayed using pre-recorded footage on the screen behind him. Fans loved the way that Ebina’s dancing told a story on the stage. He continued to tell stories using his art in the remaining weeks of the competition. In the end, he finished out the season in first place. With his win, he made history as the first dance act to win the show, as well as the first Asian person to win.

Ebina returned to the America’s Got Talent competition in 2019 on America’s’ Got Talent: The Champions. His time on this series was short, he didn’t receive enough votes to advance on in the series. He competed later in the same year in China’s World’s Got Talent competition.

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