WATCH ‘X Factor Celebrity’ Recap: Underwhelming And Shocking!

Wow! If you thought the ‘X Factor: Celebrity’ auditions were wild, you haven’t seen anything yet. It was a night of unexpected surprises, tearful eliminations and well… we’re still trying to piece it all together! Here’s a closer look at Live Show 1

The celebrities took to the stage once again last night for their very first performance, live in front of a studio audience. Although it was clear which celebrities can really hit those vocals, each and every performance was heartfelt and it seems that all the contestants are taking this thing seriously!

Ricki Lake’s underwhelming performance

Ricki clearly didn’t meet the expectations of the judges with her cover of ‘Landslide’ by Fleetwood Mac. She was met with harsh comments, rare on the spin-off show, pushing the former talk show host to ‘work on the vocals’. Unfortunately it was a short lived experience for Ricki as she was later voted off the show.

Vinnie Jones’ energetic ‘X Factor’ debut

Vinnie definitely made an impression last night clearly making his mark that he’s in it to win it! Performing ‘Everybody Needs Somebody’, he had the whole audience on their feet dancing, bringing nothing but good vibes to the stage. The actor and professional footballer was met with a standing ovation and unsurprisingly made his way into next week’s show!

A Brand new addition to the live shows this year

X Factor is known for its crazy changes every year to keep the show fresh, from the controversial ‘Theme Jukebox’ to the year that made Judge’s Houses go live but his small, yet impactful change could see a more active role from the judges in the live shows.

Each judge on the panel can use a safe seat to secure one of their acts a place in next week’s show, excluding them from the voting process. The new addition is already beginning to become confusing after Simon forgot to use his seat and therefore was forced into giving it to the last act of the show.

Olivia Olson voted off by judges for sparking outrage amongst fans

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Olivia and Martin saw themselves in the bottom two acts after the results were announced.

Once it had been confirmed that Ricki’s time in the competition had ended, it was a tense decision that the judges had to make between Olivia and Martin. Both performers did not have the chance to perform again, which was normally the case in previous years, meaning it was up to the panel to make an immediate decision.

Olivia was voted off after Simon claimed that the public would rather see Martin in next week’s show. Fans took to Twitter to give their opinions on Simon’s unexpected decision:

‘X Factor’ live shows continue next week on ITV and AXS TV

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Pablo Urdiales Antelo
Pablo Urdiales Antelo

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