WATCH Kaitlyn Bristowe SHOCKINGLY Join ‘Dancing With The Stars’ And Reflect On ‘The Bachelorette’

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Kaitlyn Bristowe has become one of the biggest and most beloved faces to come from The Bachelor franchise. We first met the Canadian beauty on season 19 of The Bachelor and she then went on to take on the lead role the following season. Now, everything is certainly falling into place for Bristowe who will be heading over to show off her dancing talents on season 29 of Dancing With The Stars, a dream she never thought would come true.

Kaitlyn Bristowe Has Been Dreaming Of Being On ‘Dancing With The Stars’

The Bachelor host Chris Harrison always has some sly tricks up his sleeve. During a look back at Bristowe’s season 11 of The Bachelorette on ABC, Harrison had a video chat with Bristowe and her boyfriend Jason Tartick. Harrison announced that Kaitlyn would be competing on season 29 of ‘DWTS’ which was a huge goal for her. She nearly cried and could not believe that Harrison was telling the truth. Perhaps the audience was the most shocked in all of this because, in the past, Bristowe opened up about how ‘Bachelor’ creator Mike Fleiss barred her from ever being on the show. She tweeted that after her season of The Bachelorette was finished, she was immediately offered to appear on the show. She was very excited but Fleiss ultimately said she wasn’t allowed. “He said he didn’t want people wanting fame after his show,” she wrote.


Fleiss then took to Twitter to say that if Bristowe wanted to appear on Dancing With The Stars, she fully had his support. It was an instance of he said, she said. Over the years, we have seen several leading men from The Bachelor try and cha-cha their way to the mirrorball trophy including Chris Soles and Nick Viall, both of whom Bristowe had briefly dated during her two seasons of being in the franchise. Last season’s Dancing With The Stars winner, Hannah Brown was the previous Bachelorette. And now Bristowe finally gets her shot of proving that she too can dance her way to the top. You have to see this adorable video of Bristowe and Tartick dancing around their living room after finding out the incredible news.

A Look Back At Kaitlyn’s Journey Led To Self-Reflection

After making it to the top three on The Bachelor, Bristowe was excited to take on the lead role and fall in love with the man of her dreams in 2015. She was immediately drawn to Shawn Booth but not long before series favorite Viall returned to capture her affection. It caused controversy amongst her group of men to let Viall, her friend join the show. Bristowe and Viall caused a stir when they both decided to go back to her hotel room and engage in sexual acts in Dublin. Bristowe was in hysterics after this decision while filming the show. But in the end, it came down to Booth and Vialle and she ended up accepting Booth’s proposal.

The pair were engaged for three years before calling it quits in 2018. On a podcast, Bristowe said that the reason was that Booth’s feelings were not as strong as hers in the relationship. Bristowe reflected on this experience in an Instagram post writing to her 29-year-old self. In the caption, she wrote that she will not be punishing herself for the past decisions she made on the show. “Maybe the decisions you made back then are the reason you are who you are today,” she said. She went on to say that The Bachelorette is a very unique situation and that everyone’s path is different, but she still deserves forgiveness and love. She definitely found love with Tartick.

Kaitlyn Bristowe And Jason Tartick Are ‘Bachelor’ Franchise Relationship Goals

The pair established a strong friendship in October 2018, but it quickly blossomed into one of ‘Bachelor’ Nations favorite love stories. In early 2019, the pair took their love public and fans rejoiced. Tartick his heart broken on Becca Kufrin’s season of The Bachelorette and instantly became a fan-favorite. They believed that he deserved to find love, and it seems like he has certainly found that with Bristowe. In May 2019, Tartick uprooted his life in Seattle to move to Nashville to live with Bristowe. It was a quick move after just six months of dating, but when you have undeniable chemistry and a connection with someone, you follow your heart. 

The pair rescued two golden retrievers together that they say made their house a home. There’s nothing like a little puppy love to bring two people closer together. They opened up in an interview with Entertainment Tonight about how raising dogs is a crash course for when they decide to have children. The fact that they are already talking about kids indicates that they intend to be together forever. They even spoke about engagement rings, saying that Bristowe wants a “simple band with a fatty rock.” 


Maybe Tartick will use Dancing With The Stars as a national platform to propose to Bristowe. It would not be the first time we’ve seen a proposal on the show and it would be super exciting for ‘Bachelor’ Nation to witness.


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