The Bachelor: Madison Prewett’s Dad Supports But Peter’s Mom is Devastated With How it Ended

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Madison Prewett was under fire last night during the live finale of The Bachelor. Peter Weber’s mother Barbara did not shy away from expressing her distaste in Peter ending up with Madison. The two constantly defended their relationship, but Barbara stole the show yet again with her outright comments. Now, Madison’s dad is coming to her defense.

Madison’s Dad Tweeted His Support After ‘The Bachelor’ Finale

Auburn basketball coach Chad Prewett made it known that he was proud of his daughter Madison after the finale aired. He also retweeted “Team Madison.” Madison replied back to her father “Love you so much.” This is no doubt in response to the tough conversations Madison was faced with during the finale that had some fans calling for Jerry Springer.

Peter’s Mom Was Emotional Yet Again

Barbara’s negativity towards Madison started back in Australia where she claims Madison made the family sit and wait three hours before she came inside to meet them. Of course, as we saw in the previous night’s episode, Madison and Peter had a discussion about the future of their relationship before he introduced her to his parents. It was only a few minutes on television but Barbara recollects the three hours it actually took.


Hannah Ann Stood Up To Peter On ‘The Bachelor’

Another memorable moment of the night was when Hannah Ann Sluss, Peter’s initial choice got to face him for the first time since he broke off their engagement. Peter’s apology didn’t seem to be enough for confident Hannah Ann who said, “if you want to be with a woman, then you need to become a real man.”

While Barbara whispered to her husband as Madison was talking, she was seen nodding and smiling while Hannah Ann was talking. Her whispers and side comments made waves on social media, and fans were dying to know what she was saying.

Will Peter And Madison Last?

Peter made it clear last night that he loves Madison regardless of his mother’s opinions. He wants to work on their relationship day by day, but it seems like they have some drama to sort through before they could be one big happy family.


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