WATCH Comedian Roast Simon Cowell On ‘AGT’ TWICE!


Alex Hooper first auditioned for ‘AGT’ during Season 13 with a mission to inspire the world. His positive energy gave the judges high hopes for the act. But, they never expected the audition to turn into a full-blown roast. Check out the video down below to see what Alex had to say about Simon Cowell.

Alex Hooper Roasted Simon Cowell And The ‘AGT’ Judges

Alex first started off roasting host Tyra Banks. He said that somehow Tyra always manages to find away to make the show solely about her. The judge’s faces were all full of shock because they did not expect the act to take such a savage turn. When it came to judge Howie Mandel, Alex roasted him for being an untalented Canadian that looks like a big toe. This prompted Howie to smash his red buzzer.

Spice Girls star Mel B was roasted by Alex for having a lackluster solo career. She hit her red buzzer. The crowd began booing but that didn’t stop Alex from going after Heidi Klum next. “Four children and yet your body looks as if you haven’t paid attention to any of them,” he said. She also hit her red buzzer as everyone waited on the edge of their seats to hear what Alex would say about Simon.


“Simon, I’m confused, didn’t we form this country to get away from brits like you?” Alex asked. “But Simon from all of us thank you for fixing your British teeth.” Mel B ran over and hit Simon’s red buzzer which shut down the act. Simon actually ended up giving Alex a “yes” because the act made him laugh but he was not put through to the next round. If you liked seeing Simon and the rest of the judges getting absolutely roasted on ‘AGT,’ check out the video below. It features 10 contestants that humiliated Simon on ‘Got Talent’ shows.

He Returned To The Show For Redemption

Fans were completely shocked to see Alex return to audition for Season 15 of ‘AGT’ in 2020. This time, he apologized in the best way he knew how, a roast. At first, it seemed like Alex was going to be a bit more compassionate during his act. Then he went straight into roasting Howie for being bald. Heidi was sick during the taping so she was unable to attend however, Alex roasted her anyway. Then it was time to roast Simon for the second time. “Simon, how are you a vegan and that’s the least annoying thing about you?” Alex asked. He was sent to the next round.

In the Quarterfinals, Alex decided to switch it up and read the judges a bedtime story. Simon was absent from the live show tapings due to his electric bike accident. His act was still hilarious and he even threw some digs at Simon and his accident. But we know Simon has a good sense of humor so he probably didn’t take it to heart watching at home. Sofia Vergara jokingly hit her red buzzer at the end of the performance. Alex was eliminated from the competition during the results show.

Where Is Alex Hooper Now?

After appearing on ‘AGT,’ Alex is now currently available for hire to roast those close to you at special events. He also hosts a podcast called Achilles’ Heel which is a comedy-therapy podcast. He brings on several special guests on his podcast including ‘AGT’ winner Brandon Leake.

Recently, Alex shared that he had been diagnosed with coronavirus. “I feel 100% fine. If it wasn’t for my fiancé showing mild symptoms I wouldn’t have thought about it at all” he wrote on Instagram.


What did you think of Alex’s roast of Simon and the ‘AGT’ judges?


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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