David Walliams Teams Up With Sexy Dancer To Give Simon Cowell A Lap Dance [VIDEO]

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Simon Cowell never hesitates to say what is on his mind. But, the entertainment mogul is a little shyer when he is brought on to the ‘BGT’ stage by an act. Simon was in for a real treat when sexy dancer Keri Graham brought him up to the stage to give him a lap dance. Plus, she had a little help from David Walliams. Take a look at her 2013 audition below.

Simon Cowell Got A Lap Dance From David Walliams And Keri Graham

Keri first started off the routine wearing a blue long-sleeve button-down shirt and a long brown skirt. She described the routine as a chair fitness exercise in her interview. She sat down in a chair that was placed in the center of the stage and began doing some bizarre dance moves. Simon felt like he had seen enough and hit his red buzzer. Keri continued on with this weird charade for a few more seconds before ripping her shirt off to expose a black sparkly bra. She ripped the skirt off to reveal a pair of silver sequined shorts.

The routine quickly turned into a sexy chair dance and both David and Simon could not wipe the smiles off of their faces. She flaunted her flexibility and dancing skills and Simon raised his eyebrows in shock. At the end of the routine, Simon stood up to applaud Keri. “I’d like to remove my X,” he said before the red x disappeared from above the stage. David suggested that Simon should go up on stage and sit on the chair while Keri dances on him.


David dragged Simon out of his chair and up onto the stage. Simon sat on the chair on the stage and he looked like he was blushing. He looked totally embarrased when David and Keri were grinding on him at the same time. They both hilariously kicked their legs over Simon’s shoulders and massaged his head. Thankfully for Simon, it was over rather quickly and he got to retreat back to the judging panel.

If you loved seeing Simon totally embarrassed up on stage, definitely check out the compilation below. It features 10 acts on talent shows that humiliated Simon whether it’s dancing, puppetry or comedy.

Where Is Keri Now?

Keri was voted through to the next round of the competition but we never saw her in the Semi-Finals. After appearing on ‘BGT’ she was disappointed in the direction that her audition went. “My act was actually more about strength and balance, using my core strength. It was a hard routine and trying to make it flow and sexy” she told Metro. “But then the tone got lowered when Simon got on stage.”

Since her audition aired before 9 pm, Keri explained that she got a lot of backlash. “I didn’t do it to upset anybody” she added. “I do actually understand some of the concerns. But at the end of the day, I did not choose to put that on ITV. That was for the ITV bosses to decide, I did the act, they did not have to show it.”

In 2017, Keri was involved in a messy court dispute after accusing one of her clients of sexual assault. She was also accused of hitting the client. She now posts pole dancing videos and choreography on YouTube.


What did you think of Keri’s audition that ended in a lap dance for Simon?


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