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On talent competition shows, we always see artists who are ready to inspire the world with their stories. Four Unity, a quartet composed of four people with different visual impairments from Bangkok did just that. Auditioning for The Voice Thailand in 2019 made a huge impact on the coaches, audience and viewers to this day. Check out their moving performance below.

Blind Quartet Performs Inspiring Song On ‘The Voice Thailand’

The four members of the group Nong Keng, Little Bird, Little Pai and Little Pinwong are all members of The Blind Choir Thailand. Under the instruction of their teacher Jungo, they decided to audition for The Voice Thailand as a quartet. Prior to their performance, they shared their stories with the world and spoke about how they all realized they had a passion for music.

For this audition, Four Unity sang “What A Wonderful World” a cappella style. They snapped their fingers and had everyone captivated with their perfect melodies. The coaches snapped along to the song too as they listened to the performance. Finally, Coach Joey Boy hit his button and turned his chair. He sat with a smile on his face as he watched the quartet perform. You could tell the other coaches wanted to press their buttons and there were several moments where it looked like Kong Saharat was going to turn his chair.


“Wow,” Joey said when the performance was over. The other coaches were in awe when they finally got to see who was singing the beautiful tune. Since Joey was the only coach to turn his chair, Four Unity was automatically on Team Joey. The coaches went up to the stage to hug each of the group members. In The Battles, Four Unity went up against the band Error99. Joey chose to save them and advance them on to The Knockouts.

Once again Four Unity performed a cappella style in The Knockouts. This high energy performance had everyone in the audience smiling from ear to ear. The group was later eliminated from the competition.

Check out the compilation below featuring 10 inspiring Blind Singers that will literally make you cry. Their stories moved the world and melted our hearts.

Where Is The Blind Quartet Now?

The members of The Blind Choir Thailand created a YouTube channel where they posted a couple of videos from a performance they did. They worked with The Foundation For The Blind, an organization to help improve “the quality of life of the visually impaired” and “increase opportunity and pride from creating a choir orchestra.”

After appearing on The Voice Thailand, Four Unity continued to do local performances together. They appeared on a local television show where they once again sang “What A Wonderful World” and also spoke in an interview after competing on the show.

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the group went on hiatus for a very long time. It wasn’t until November of 2020 that they announced on Facebook that their practices would resume.


Four Unity’s journey on the show was truly very inspiring and they had one of the most memorable auditions of all time.


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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