‘The Voice’ Season 15 Blind Audition, Part 6 Recap

Lauren Mnayarji | Talent Recap


We’re getting down to the wire of The Voice‘s Blind Auditions and the judges are starting to get selective. No longer is it a simple chair turn like in the beginning nights. Now- there are just a few spots left on each team. So who will be the lucky artists to join on Night 6? Let’s find out.

Caeland Garner (Team Blake)

This North Carolina native chose to sing Dancing in the Moonlight. He’s no stranger to The Voice as one of his closest friends is Red Marlow from Season 13, and who was backstage supporting with Garner’s family. Blake and JHud were incredibly impressed as they both turned around, however, Garner stuck to Marlow’s path and chose Blake as his coach.

Madison Cain 

This 24-year-old is no stranger to the music scene, as her father Jonathan Cain is the keyboardist for the popular band Journey and wrote the famous song Don’t Stop Believin’. Unfortunately, Madison did not receive a chair turn but she was the final artist to be added to the comeback round and will get a final chance in joining the competition.

Lela (Team JHud)

A Colombian firecracker from Miami, FL, it’s safe to say Lela brought the heat to The Voice stage singing Havana. She grabs both of the ladies attention and has Kelly followed by JHud turnaround. The both express that they’d love her on their team, but ultimately she goes with JHud.

Cody Ray Raymond (Team Kelly)

Singing Born Under a Bad Sign had both ladies turning around again. Both Kelly and JHud compliment him on his effortless sound and soulful tone. When it comes time to choose which team to join, he goes with Team Kelly.

Jake Wells (Team Adam)

Choosing to perform the song When the Stars Go Blue made one judge turn around and that was Adam. He explained that he felt Jake’s voice was unique and unlike anything that’s been on stage during the Blind Auditions and that this season can’t let voices like Jake’s slip through the cracks.

Abby Cates (Team Kelly)

This 17-year-old from Cincinnati is quite literally a princess, as she performs at kid’s birthday parties. But Abby is here to show that she’s ready for the big stage, performing to the song Scars to Your Beautiful and having Kelly Clarkson turn around almost immediately. This earns her a spot on Season 15 with Team Kelly.

Funsho (Team Adam)

This Nigerian Native has chosen the Bruno Mars song Finesse and he did not disappoint by earning himself a three-chair turn. First, we have Adam turn around, the JHud and Kelly, and they are ready to fight for Funsho to be added to their teams. Adam says that he believes he could do it all and is one of the best vocalists they’ve had on the blind auditions. This leads Funsho to make his final choice, and join Team Adam.

So there you have it, Week 3 of the Blind Auditions are complete and we only have a few more spots left. Are there any early favorites? Let us know in the comments below!


Lauren Mnayarji
Lauren Mnayarji

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