Uber Driver Abruptly Stops ‘American Idol’ Star Kenedi Anderson From Singing

Kenedi Anderson on 'American Idol'Photo by ABC/Eric McCandless

Former American Idol contestant Kenedi Anderson has recently posted a video on social media with a video of her singing SZA’s hit song “Nobody Gets Me,” in an Uber. However, the video took an unexpected turn when the Uber driver politely interrupted her performance and asked her to stop singing.

Fans Can’t Believe an Uber Driver Asked Kenedi Anderson to Stop Singing

Anderson is an up-and-coming singer who gained recognition as a contestant on season 20 of American Idol. However, she withdrew from the competition shortly after performing at the Hollywood Rounds due to undisclosed personal reasons.

In the video, Anderson is sitting in the backseat of the Uber, showcasing her soulful voice while singing “Nobody Gets Me.” Just as Anderson hits a particularly impressive note, the driver politely asks, “I’m sorry, but can you please be quiet?”

Anderson looked surprised but quickly stops singing and apologizes to the driver. The video ends on a humorous note, with Anderson looking directly at the camera in an embarrassed manner.

Many fans expressed their support for Anderson and called out the Uber driver for his behavior. Some have even suggested that Anderson should have continued singing despite the interruption, and expressed that the Uber driver was lucky to hear her singing.

What is She Up to Now?

Very few details have been released to the public about why Anderson withdrew from the competition after making it to the semifinals, leaving her decision shrouded in mystery. Anderson has since detailed about her decision, in an Instagram post where she announced the news of her withdrawing from the competition.

She stated that it was due to “personal reasons,” and that it was “one of the hardest decisions,” she ever had to make. Anderson expressed gratitude for the support of her fans and the American Idol community, but ultimately felt that withdrawing from the competition was the best decision for her mental health and well-being.

Despite the setback, Anderson has continued to pursue her passion for music and is quickly making a name for herself in the industry. Her powerful voice and soulful performances have earned her a dedicated fanbase on social media, where she regularly shares her music and behind-the-scenes glimpses of her life.

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