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Tom Holland Announces a Year Off From Acting After His Latest Role ‘Broke Him’

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Acclaimed actor Tom Holland revealed that he will be taking a year-long hiatus from acting following the physically and emotionally demanding production of his new Apple TV+ crime thriller, The Crowded Room. Holland, known for his role as Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, takes on the character of Danny Sullivan, a man arrested in the summer of 1979 for his involvement in a shooting at Rockefeller Center.

Tom Holland is Taking a Break From Acting

During a recent interview, Holland candidly shared the challenges he faced during the production of The Crowded Room. While Holland acknowledged the learning curve of taking on a producer role, the combination of juggling multiple responsibilities and portraying a character in a severe mental health state proved to be overwhelming.

“It was a tough time, for sure, we were exploring certain emotions that I have definitely never experienced before,” Holland said. “On top of that, being a producer, dealing with the day-to-day problems that come with any film set, just added that extra level of pressure.”

Holland also shared that working on The Crowded Room had a significant impact on his personal life. He revealed experiencing a “bit of a meltdown” and considering shaving his head to distance himself from the character.

“I’m no stranger to hard work, I’ve lived by the idea that hard work is good work. Then again, the show did break me.” Holland said. “There came a time where I needed a break and disappeared, went to Mexico for a week, had time on a beach, and laid low. I’m now taking a year off, and that is a result of how difficult this show was.”

Despite the challenges, Holland recognized the positive effect the show had on his mental health. He has been sober for over a year and credited the series for his newfound understanding of mental health and his ability to recognize triggers that cause stress.

What Does Tom Holland’s Break From Acting Mean For Spider-Man 4?

Holland’s decision to take a year off from acting has raised questions about the status of the highly anticipated film, Spider-Man 4. As fans eagerly await the next installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), the actor’s break may have implications for the production and release of the movie.

Spider-Man 4, which is currently in development, does not have a confirmed release date as of June 2023. Earlier reports suggested a potential release in July 2024, but the ongoing writers’ strike is likely to cause delays. Producer Amy Pascal has acknowledged the impact of the strike, stating that the project will not move forward until the strike is resolved.

Despite the delay, fans can rest assured that Spider-Man 4 is still in the works. Both Pascal and Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige have expressed their commitment to continuing the Spider-Man franchise with Holland in the lead role.

While Holland’s break from acting may affect the timeline of Spider-Man 4, it is clear that the film remains a priority for both Sony and Marvel. Fans can look forward to the continuation of Holland’s portrayal of Spider-Man, along with new storylines and exciting developments in the MCU.

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