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This Is The Next Batch Of ‘America’s Got Talent’ Semi-Finalists

It’s come down to crunch time on America’s Got Talent. There is one more week of quarterfinals and last night we learned of  the select group of the best of the best moving forward into the semi-finals.

After a memorable night on Tuesday, last night we had the second quarterfinals results show. Seven contestants came away very happy while others…not so much. But that’s the nature of these shows. At this point it starts to get real and the competition gets fierce. It’s safe to say that at this level all of the mediocre acts have gone by the wayside and all we have left is the good stuff. It’s shaping up to be a very interesting semi-final and an even bigger finale.

Will Simon Cowell‘s favorite, Mandy Harvey, be the winner? She’s certainly got the singing chops as well as a great story. She’s had to overcome so much with striving to be a singer even though she’s deaf. Simon gave her a Golden Buzzer so it’s definitely possible she’s going to come out on top. Will adorable dancer Merrick Hanna be the champ? He’s talented and cute. That’s the kind of stuff America loves to cheer for. It will be fun to see what happens.

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