The Voice: Kelsea Ballerini CALLS Kelly Clarkson For Help During Battles!

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Ahead of next week’s Battle Round on The Voice, let’s take a look at what we can expect from this year’s hopefuls. In an early release, we see Gean Garcia face Ryleigh Modig in a performance that leaves the coaches speechless.

Gean Garcia vs. Ryleigh Modig – Ariana Grande’s “pov” – The Voice Battles 2021

Early Release: Gean Garcia Faces Ryleigh During The Voice Battles

Kelsea Ballerini is set to step in for Kelly Clarkson next week on The Voice‘s battle rounds. Already, we can take a sneak peek at what we can expect from next week’s episode as Gean Garcia and Ryleigh go head to head in an early release clip.


In a memorizing performance of Ariana Grande’s ‘pov’, the two performed effortlessly, making the decision for Clarkson’s replacement judge harder than anticipated.

In the early release clip published by NBC on YouTube today, much of the coaches’ praise was towards Ryleigh, with Nick Jonas saying: “As a songwriter, you’re the kind of artist that I’d die to write songs for, to write with.”

“I would say that you’ve got the hardest job here today,” he told Kelsea.

Kelsea Calls Kelly Clarkson For Help

After the performance, replacement coach, Kelesa couldn’t chose between either contestant and decided to call Kelly Clarkson for help.

Kelsea Ballerini Performed On Wednesday's "Late Night With Seth Meyers"  (Watch)
Kelsea Ballerini will step in for Kelly Clarkson next week (Picture: NBC)

Clarkson told Kelsea during the short phone call: “Either way you go, it’s great. You should feel safe picking whoever, ’cause I don’t think either of them are going home.”


In true Blake fashion, the show veteran quickly added to the surprise moment, claiming, “Kelly sounds just fine to me,” in a humorous moment.

Why Is Kelly Clarkson Not On The Voice?

We don’t know much about why Clarkson won’t appear on the first episode of The Voice’s battle rounds other than she was feeling under the weather. According to reports, the coach was ill during the tapings which took place back in January of this year.

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Kelly Clarkson won’t appear in the first episode of The Voice’s battle rounds (Picture: NBC)

Clarkson confirmed the rumours, tweeting: “Thank you so much [Kelsea Ballerini] for sitting in for me while I was feeling under the weather! I know my team is in great hands with you!! Y’all aren’t going to want to miss this!! The battles start next week on [The Voice]! #TeamKelly #TheVoice.”


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