‘The Voice’ Contestant Sounds Exactly Like Adam Levine During Blind Audition


The Season 20 Blind Auditions on The Voice have been full of incredibly talented musicians that are unstoppable. Keegan Ferrell decided to take on a hit song by Maroon 5 for his Blind Audition, paying homage to former coach Adam Levine. Check out his awesome performance down below to see if any of the coaches turned their chairs.

Singer Performs Huge Adam Levine Hit During Blind Auditions

Right off the bat, the coaches all commented about how they love the song choice which was “She Will Be Loved.” Immediately they were all swaying in their seats as the iconic first few notes of the song began playing. Kelly Clarkson was first to turn her chair as the 21-year-old sat singing at the piano. Blake Shelton looked like he was deep in thought before turning his chair. Though John Legend sang along throughout the entire song, he did not turn his chair and neither did Nick Jonas.


“First of all I happen to be buddies with the guy who wrote and sang that song” Blake hilariously said. “And I want you to look for just a second at this coaching panel and take note of who’s missing and who is in that chair.”

“I’m not saying that Kelly Clarkson got Adam fired but he’s gone and she’s sitting there” Blake continued. Kelly denied right away that she got Adam fired from the show. Adam voluntarily left the show back in 2019. The Voice has a rotating panel of coaches with superstars like Blake’s fiance Gwen Stefani making appearances for a few seasons. Past coaches include Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keys. Blake joked that NBC stands for “Nothing But Clarkson.”

Blake And Kelly Battle It Out To Get Keegan On Their Teams

“If Maroon 5 inspires you, I don’t know that I would choose a coach that is their arch nemesis” Blake added. Kelly disputed this claim by saying that she actually toured with Maroon 5 in the past. Nick chimed in and said that John and Blake approved of him coming back onto the show but Kelly got to make the final decision.

Kelly grew frustrated by the lies. Blake tried to sway Keegan’s mind by saying there is nobody like him on Team Blake. But he also implied that there is an artist like him over on Team Kelly.

“I know, love and breathe pop music and I have for like 20 years and I really feel like we would be a great team together and that’s why I turned around lightyears before Shelton. This is my lane” Kelly finally said.


Unfortunately, we do not get to see which coach Keegan chooses from this video. You will have to tune in to the Blind Auditions on The Voice to find out if Kelly or Blake won the epic showdown to get Keegan on their teams.


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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