‘The Voice’ Auditions Wrap Up In Epic Style

Lauren Mnayarji | Talent Recap

Tonight we wrapped up the final blind auditions for The Voice Season 16 and they did not disappoint. Now that the judges’ teams are all complete, the competition is only going to get tougher. So, who joined the final list? Let’s take a look at tonight’s remaining contestants.

Celia Babini (Team Adam) 

Starting the night off strong is a four-chair turn for 17-year-old Celia. Her performance of I Dont Wanna Be You Anymore caught the attention of every coach and their pitch to her was incredible. John tells her that her voice has so much power and that she will do so well on the show. However, Adam takes it up a notch and tells her it’s his dream for her to win this season because she embodies what the next winner should be. That was enough to catch her attention and Celia lands on Team Adam. 

Cecily Hennigan (Team Blake) 

Luckily for Cecily, her choice was much easier as the choice was made for her. After her performance of Foolish Games caught the attention of Blake, she landed on his team. Blake couldn’t believe he got away with such an incredible artist and told his fellow coaches that they were crazy not to turn around. This pairing is unique but Cecily is sure to stand out on Team Blake which is predominately filled with country artists. 

Kalvin Jarvis (Team Adam) 

It takes a certain level of guts to perform a John Legend song in front of the man himself, and that’s exactly what Kalvin did. While choosing the song A Good Night didn’t get the attention of the Legend, he did attract both Adam and Kelly. When it comes time to pick, he goes with Adam.

David Owens (Team Kelly) 

Coming from Indiana is David who is taking a chance on auditioning for The Voice by performing to the song Make You Love Me. Kelly was so thrilled when she heard him sing, and was the only one to turn around. She lucked out because she said that she for sure thought she was going to have to fight to have David on her team. 

Presley Tennant (Team Kelly) 

This 16-year-old brought the house down with her performance of Stone Cold.  Kelly receives the same luck as she did with David and is the only one to turn around. Again, Kelly is shocked but so thrilled to have added two incredible artists to her team without a fight. She tells the cameras that she doesnt understand why Presley wasn’t a four-chair turn.

Rod Stokes (Team Blake) 

Another country artist takes the stage, and you can probably guess what happens here. All the male coaches hit their button for Rod, and their pitches are ready to go. Funny enough, Adam got the artist name of the song wrong, to which Blake could not and will not ever forget in his plea for being the best to take on country artists. Blake only has one more slot until his team is full and it goes straight to Rod.

Andrew Jannakos (Team Adam) 

Contestants like Andrew are the reason this show is a hit every season. No one could have ever guessed that Andrew was a country artist, but he indeed is one singing the song Beautiful Crazy. He does however bring other genres and elements to the table, as both Kelly and Adam battle it out to get him on their team. Although Kelly was incredibly passionate about Andrew joining her team and receiving her male country artist, he went the opposite direction and picked Adam. 

Kayslin Victoria (Team Adam) 

Gathering the attention of both Kelly and John to her performance of Feel It Still is Kayslin. Kelly complimented her confidence and told her she would love for her to be the final member of her team. John, however, took his pitch to the next level and tells Kayslin that he believes they could win this show together. She takes his word to heart and joins Team John. 

Jackson Marlow (Team Kelly) 

This country artist is no stranger to the voice, as his uncle Red Marlow made it all the way to the finals a few seasons ago. Kelly was the only one left to add someone to her team, and this seemed like the perfect match since he was a strong male country artist. She took the opportunity right away and gave Jackson the final spot on her team.

Well, that’s official the end of The Blind Auditions. The teams are all filled and now we battle it out to figure out who will move forward with the season. Do you have a favorite contestant already? Let us know in the comments!


Lauren Mnayarji
Lauren Mnayarji

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