‘The Voice’ Fans Can’t Get Enough of Ariana Grande, Kelly Clarkson Duet

Corey Cesare
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Kelly Clarkson and Ariana GrandeArt Streiber/NBC

Kelly Clarkson is releasing her Christmas album, When Christmas Comes Around. We’ve already heard one song from this upcoming album, “Christmas Isn’t Cancelled (Just You)” and the vibes are immaculate. Now, she’s teased a duet with fellow The Voice coach Ariana Grande. This highly anticipated album will be out on October 15.

In my opinion, it’s never too early for Christmas music, so I really can’t wait to hear this album in it’s entirety. On October 10, the singer shared clips of the duet featuring both singers’ powerful vocals on the chorus line. The first seven seconds was enough to give immediate chills.

Clarkson and Grande fans shared in the comments of the clip that they are super excited for this collaboration. Their fan are so excited that they are brainstorming collaboration names, Keliana or Arielly.

We’ve already heard Clarkson and Grande sing together (along with John Legend and Blake Shelton) on The Voice, but now they’ve branched out to release music independently from the show. I seriously cannot wait to hear this song once it’s fully released.

“Santa Can’t You Hear Me” Isn’t the Only Snippet She Shared

Clarkson shared a slew of snippets on both her Instagram and Twitter in preparation for this album. A lot of the snippets featured classic Christmas tunes like “Last Christmas,” “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree,” and others. But there’s another duet from this album that’s absolutely blowing up: “Glow,” which features country artist Chris Stapleton.

If you thought her duet with Grande was great, you definitely want to take a listen to this snippet too. Stapleton and Clarkson have a beautiful harmony in their snippet. There is just as much excitement behind this song release as “Santa, Can’t You Hear Me,” if not even more.

Country fans are sharing that this is the duet they’ve always dreamed of in the Instagram comments. But, other than that the comments are extremely similar to those of Clarkson and Grande’s duet. The fans of this American Idol star have shared that both duets will absolutely be the death of them. But, It’s not only Clarkson fans that think the world will get destroyed after this album.

“Holy s***. I don’t know how the earth will stay on its axis with these 2 voices together,” said Shane McAnally, producer of the NBC series Songland on Instagram.

With how much excitement this album already has behind it, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s on the top of the charts as soon as it’s released. Clarkson is known for creating popular albums, but this has the potential to be her most popular album yet.

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