‘The Four’s Zhavia Releases New Track And Video For ‘100 Ways’

Zhavia 100 ways


The wait is over for another single from the one and only Zhavia Ward. After skyrocketing to stardom after her time on The Four, we’ve been waiting for her to release her new album. We’ve gotten a couple of songs before, it’s called 100 Ways this one is the best so far.

It’s got all the hallmarks that you would expect from a Zhavia song. Her signature Reggae meets R&B soul vocals. A little bit of hip hop, of course. And just general swagger and badassery. I wish that when I was Zhavia’s age I was able to command a room like she does. Stylistically it has elements of a lot of contemporary hip hop. Even a little Kanye or Kendrick Lamar. Weird random noises, (is that her barking like a dog?), mix with crushed drums.

I haven’t danced at a club with a lady in a dark corner in many years, but that is what this song made me think of. Like, this is the soundtrack to making out in a dark corner in a club. But the lyrical content speaks more to how confident she feels in herself these days.

The video drops tomorrow and we’ll be all over that.


Jack Tomas
Jack Tomas

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