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The Awkward Comment Tyra Banks said to Charli D’Amelio That You Probably Missed on ‘DWTS’

Tyra Banks, Charli D'Amelio, and Mark Ballas on 'Dancing With the Stars'Photo by ABC/Christopher Willard

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Tyra Banks’ chaotic hosting style might have appeared funny and savage to some, but some fans are officially done with her slip ups. The supermodel continues to irk fans of Dancing With The Stars as she inappropriately addressed Charli D’Amelio’s neck in the live show.

Tyra Banks Calls Charli D’Amelio’s Neck “The Most Beautiful Neck in the World”

Stakes were pretty high in the second week of DWTS Season 31. Celebrities and pro dancers all danced to the music of Elvis Presley for their Elvis theme night. TikTok star Charli D’Amelio and dance partner Mark Ballas impressed the audience by performing a quickstep to “Bossa Nova Baby.”

Charli and Mark stood as frontrunners during this episode, receiving a 32 out of 40. However, judges commented that Charlie must keep her head and neck out more as points for improvement. Weirdly, Banks saw this as an opportunity to complement the celebrity’s features.

“I love your neck. You have the most beautiful neck in the world. I love it,” she said.

Even though Banks probably thought this was a compliment considering the judges were correcting her neck, it came across as strange. Since the supermodel’s comment, she has been under fire for her hosting skills. This incident with Charli has perhaps fueled fans’ dislike for her even more.

Tyra Banks Also Also Mocked Charli During DWTS Premiere

As many know, this isn’t the first time the supermodel had some odd banter. She was previously seen mocking the TikTok sensation during this season’s DWTS premiere.

“I said for one of the most famous teenagers in the entire world, she is so sweet, so humble. There’s a sweetness,” she said. Charli responded with an awkward chuckle.

In a high-pitched voice, she continued, “I thought you were going to be like ‘What’s up, Tyra? I’m a Tiktok star.’ No! You are so sweet and humble, it’s beautiful.”

While Charli didn’t seem to take the host’s comment personally, fans didn’t see the same as appropriate.

Fans Continue to Slam her Chaotic Hosting Style

Some fans do love Banks’s chaotic brand of hosting, thinking that her personality adds a tinge of amusement to the show. However, others have expressed how unhappy they were with her Banks’s statements.

“She’s so awkward and she lacks charisma,” a fan said on Reddit.

Meanwhile, some fans defended the host, insisting that Banks was just complimenting Charli in a backhanded form. One even stated that the host was seen making similar comments on America’s Next Top Model.

“I used to watch Top Model and in the modeling industry they are all about the neck,” one wrote. “There is nothing wrong with the comment. She had a model hat on.”

The supermodel has committed blunders during the first week of Dancing With The Stars, even forgetting to let head judge Len Goodman give his comments Emma Slater and Trevor Donovan. In the weeks to come, fans hope that Tyra Banks will up her hosting game.

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