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Snoop Dogg Shares The Hilarious Story Of ‘The Gooch,’ His Pet Cockroach?

Snoop Dogg at the 2022 MTV VMAsPhoto by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for MTV/Paramount Global

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Hip-hop legend Snoop Dogg once welcomed an unlikely member into his inner circle—a pet cockroach named The Gooch. The Long Beach, California native said that he found the roach in his apartment when he first moved in and that he was initially trying to kill it. However, the cockroach was very resilient, and Snoop eventually gave up and decided to keep it as a pet.

Snoop Dogg Had a Pet Cockroach For Six Months

Snoop Dogg said that he named the cockroach The Gooch because it was “the ugliest roach I ever seen.” He also said that the cockroach “just kept getting bigger and bigger” under his care. At its biggest, Gooch was about the size of a dollar bill.

Snoop said that he used to leave food out for The Gooch and that the cockroach would sometimes crawl on him while he was sleeping. He also said that he never got sick from having The Gooch as a pet.

Snoop’s story about The Gooch has gone viral, and it has been met with mixed reactions. Some people find it to be hilarious, while others find it to be disgusting. However, there is no denying that Snoop Dogg is a unique individual, and his story about The Gooch is just one more example of his quirkiness.

In addition to his pet cockroach, Snoop Dogg is also a well-known animal lover. He has a long history of supporting animal rights causes, and he has even started his own line of pet products called Snoop Doggie Doggs.

Snoop Dogg Joins a $20 Million Funding Round for Web3 Music Platform, Sound

Sound is a Web3 music platform that aims to help artists by removing intermediaries and connecting them directly to fans through blockchain. Artists can mint their songs on-chain as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and sell them directly to their fans.

Snoop Dogg’s investment in Sound is a sign of his belief in the potential of Web3 to revolutionize the music industry. He has said that he believes that artists deserve to have higher pay for their work, and that Web3 can help to achieve this.

Sound is still in its early stages, but it has already generated $5.5 million for creators through direct music sales as NFTs. The platform will be open to the public soon, and it could have a major impact on the music industry.

It will be interesting to see how Snoop Dogg’s investment in Sound plays out. If Sound is successful, it could help to usher in a new era of music distribution that gives artists more control over their work and their earnings.

In addition to his investment in Sound, Snoop Dogg has also been vocal about his support for Web3 in general. With a firm belief in the transformative power of Web3 to “change the world,” he takes an active role in encouraging other artists to join.

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