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Martha Stewart Reveals Origin Story Behind Her Friendship With Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart at the 2017 MTV Movie and TV awardsFilmMagic

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Celebrity friendships are often full of surprises, but perhaps one of the most unexpected and enduring connections to capture the public’s fascination is the bond between media mogul Martha Stewart and rapper Snoop Dogg. While their friendship initially raised eyebrows, it has since blossomed into a dynamic duo that continues to make headlines year after year.

Martha Stewart Shared How Her Friendship With Snoop Dogg Started

In a recent video interview revolving around her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover shoot, Stewart shed light on the story behind her viral friendship with the iconic rapper, who happened to reach out to her during the magazine interview.

The unexpected trajectory of their friendship began when Snoop Dogg made an appearance on Stewart’s television show. However, it wasn’t just his presence that struck a chord with the homemaking queen; it was his infectious giggle and his insatiable thirst for knowledge.

Their connection deepened when they found themselves seated next to each other during the rehearsals for the Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber. It was there that Stewart experienced the full extent of Snoop Dogg’s affinity for a certain herbal delight.

In true Snoop Dogg fashion, Stewart revealed that he “Smoked all. Day. Long.” Fortunately, she found solace in the secondhand smoke that permeated the air. It turned out to be a bonding experience that eased her into the playful spirit of the event. Little did they know that their escapades, viewed by billions worldwide, would become a pivotal moment that cemented their relationship.

Martha Stewart, Snoop Dogg are an Unlikely Pair That Works

Their partnership evolved beyond chance encounters and into the realm of television, as they went on to co-host a cooking show together. It was a collaboration that showcased their contrasting yet complementary personalities, captivating audiences with their unique chemistry.

The pinnacle of their friendship was immortalized in a Super Bowl commercial, where Stewart proudly flaunted a massive tattoo of Snoop Dogg’s face. The ink boldly displayed the words “My Dogg” written in elegant calligraphy underneath. Although it was later revealed to be a temporary creation, the temporary nature of the tattoo did nothing to lessen the genuine affection it represented.

Stewart and Snoop Dogg’s friendship truly defines unexpected connections. Their story serves as a reminder that true friendship knows no boundaries and can transcend conventional expectations.

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