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Singer Brings Coaches to Tears in ‘The Voice’ Early Release

The Voice season 23 coachesTrae Patton/NBC

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The Voice Season 24 has shared an early release Blind Audition from next week’s show, featuring singer Dylan Carter. The 20-year-old turned all four chairs with his cover of “I Look to You” by Whitney Houston.

Dylan Carter Turns Four Chairs in The Voice Early Release

For his Blind Audition, Dylan chose to sing “I Look to You” by Whitey Houston. Gwen Stefani was the first coach to turn her chair for the singer. John Legend, Niall Horan, and Reba McEntire weren’t far behind, making Dylan a four-chair turn.

Dylan was clearly emotional as he continued to perform. Afterward, McEntire praised his song choice, saying “you can take it spiritual or secular.” She said she heard Dylan’s emotion as he sang. McEntire started to tear up, saying, “That’s when you know you’ve got a great song and a great singer, when it touches your heart.”

Horan joked that Dylan “made the queen cry.” He called the performance “spectacular,” adding that “you could really feel the emotion.” The coach also said he heard “a few pitch issues” after all they turned, which was understandable.

“Your voice is so warm, but you also have so much texture to your voice,” Stefani told Dylan. “Little nuances that you were doing at the right exact moments that make it feel emotional.”



Dylan Shared the Song’s Emotional Meaning

Legend told Dylan that it felt like the song’s emotion was “really real to you.” This prompted the singer to share that his mother passed away last October, and she wanted him to sing “I Look to You” at her funeral.

“So I did it, I tried, but I couldn’t make it through it,” Dylan recalled. “So this was the best second chance. I just made her so proud. This was her dream before it was mine.”

Hearing Dylan’s story brought Legend to tears, as he told Dylan, “I know your mother is proud of you.” McEntire then told Dylan a story about her own mother, who brought her to Nashville when she was starting out. She told McEntire, “If you do this, I’ll be living my dreams through you.”

We’ll have to wait until Monday night’s new episode to find out which coach’s team Dylan chose to join.

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