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Simon Cowell Sings in Exciting First Look Behind the Scenes of ‘AGT: Extreme’

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AGT: Extreme has already begun filming at the Atlanta Motor Speedway. The judges are giving fans an inside look at the new NBC show on social media. Simon Cowell, Nikki Bella, Travis Pastrana, and host Terry Crews seem to be vibing really well behind the scenes. This is already shaping up to be the most epic show ever and it hasn’t even aired yet.

‘AGT: Extreme’ Judges Have Fun Filming New NBC Show

Crews posted an Instagram story encouraging fans to sign up to be in the audience of the “most extreme, beautiful, dangerous show on television.” To fit with the theme, he wore a leather jacket with purple pockets. Crews is always stepping out of the box with his colorful suits on AGT. It looks like his fashion on AGT: Extreme will be no different.

He and Bella showed off their dancing skills in another video posted on social media. She wrote in the caption that she asked Crews to help her “step up” her TikTok game. Crews is the king of dancing and peck-popping for all to see. He manages to move like a pro while wearing leather pants in this new video.

Bella also posted a hilarious video from her trailer where she was hiding from a bug. She was freaking out and had “shivers everywhere” when she couldn’t find the bug. She called her fiancé Artem Chigvintsev on FaceTime during the ordeal. Bella said she felt like she was in a “haunted house.” A few hours later, the WWE star posted a video where she located the bug but screamed as it flew around.


Welcoming @therealnikkibella to the AGT Family #agtextreme

♬ original sound – Neffati Jayden

We have to mention that Bella’s trailer looks like a mansion. The decor is stunning and sleek and definitely not your average trailer. Pastrana’s trailer is also equally as stunning and it even has a full shower inside of it and a staircase. Pastrana posted a video of Bella doing 20 push-ups outside while wearing heels. The audience cheered her on as she completed the set. Pastrana explained that if you say the word “mine” on set, you have to do 20 push-ups. This might be a bet that we will see play out on AGT: Extreme. Bella joked that she was going to suplex Pastrana afterward.

Cowell Sings on Set

From the looks of the background in all of the videos, the AGT: Extreme judges have a huge outdoor stage that they will be sitting on. AGT: Extreme is all about acts that are too big and crazy for a theater. Pastrana posted a video sliding down the banister of a staircase and running down a long hallway. This hallway could potentially be where the contestants walk and make their grand entrance onto the outdoor stage.

Pastrana had another fun moment with Crews backstage as they were getting their makeup touched up. The video transitioned to Cowell driving a golf cart around set as he sang a tune. His singing actually isn’t bad, which is good news since his job is to discover talented people. Pastrana and Bella were passengers in the golf cart as they admired three McLarens sitting in the parking lot. They all joked about getting to take the cars home. Pastrana shared that they will be on set filming for the next two weeks.

“Great times with Cheeseburger Eddie, the guy who doesn’t believe in friendship from the scooby-doo animated film and the most successful female WWE wrestler of all time,” Pastrana wrote on Instagram. “Side note, we walk a lot on camera and the producers asking if I can walk with more ‘athleticism and swagger.'”

To finish out filming on set that day, the AGT: Extreme judges all had a little celebration for Cowell and Pastrana’s birthdays. Cowell turned 62 on Oct. 7 and Pastrana, a certified daredevil, turned 38 the day after. Pastrana showed a close-up of their shared birthday cake that had both of their faces on it. We do not have an official premiere date for AGT: Extreme just yet, but this is definitely a fun bunch of judges that you will want to catch on television.

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